City Design Tiny Homes Built from Leftover Construction Materials

In larger, more expensive cities having a tiny house in a backyard opens up a world of opportunity. From Airbnb rental to room for extended family, these little structures can be used for many things. This is now easier in pricey Southern California. In 2016, San Diego County passed an ordinance allowing for ADU or secondary units to be built on single family dwelling properties.

San Diego County allows for secondary units on single family dwelling lots.

One company taking advantage of this is City Design, a construction, remodeling and environmental remediation company that builds tiny homes from leftover construction materials that normally go to landfills. City Design’s MINIs come in several shapes and sizes and include lofts, all electrical and plumbing, low-E windows and any type of exterior siding. In addition, they offer green insulation and solar panels.

City Design constructs tiny backyard homes out of recycled construction materials.

The MINI Mod is a tiny 12×10 structure with eight foot ceilings that can be built without a permit and used as an office or studio. The MINI Pad is also 12×10 with 12 foot ceilings and has everything you need for tiny living. The MINI Home is the same size as the Pad with all insulation and appliances. The MINI Max is a customizable tiny home.

The homes feature innovative staircases, lofts and lots of light.

The MINI designs can also be ordered in bulk for resorts, campgrounds or communes. City Design has also designed the Evolution RV, a THOW with living space for four people.

The MINI includes electrical and plumbing and options for solar power.

City Design is located in the Old Town neighborhood of San Diego. They also sell their MINI designs in their Etsy shop.

The MINI design can be customized to fit the lot.

Photos by City Design, Inc.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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