Cabins and Monkalows at Ananada Meditation Retreat

Tucked into the forest near Nevada City, California is a 72 acre retreat center that has been fostering meditation for nearly 50 years. Ananda Meditation Retreat not only has abundant gardens and ponds for quiet reflection, but you can also stay in several pretty, little cabins and even meditate in the center’s underground Babaji Cave.


Their fully equipped cabins include small kitchens (Ananda also serves vegetarian meals) and comes in various size and shapes. The Devotion cabin has a wood burning stove and rents for $120 per night, the Peace of Mind cabin is $105 per night and has a view of the mountains. The Generosity cabin is $120 per night and has a large deck.

ananda-meditation-retreat-cabin3 ananda-meditation-retreat-cabin2



The Swami Dome is for Kriyabans only, but the Kindness, Krishna and Patience cabins are just as quiet and basic. The Renunciation is a rustic yurt-style cabin that is $75 per night. It has a small kitchen and access to the retreat center’s shower house.



Ananda also has several Tent Bungalows for $55 per night. These canvas tents with the support of a solid frame all have views of the garden. The Monkalow is also a canvas sided cabin that has electricity and heat and access to the shower house.



Photos by Ananda Meditation Retreat

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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