Atelier Garden Studios

While these beautiful glass and aluminum garden studios might not work in a very sunny climate, these UK designed and built structures can give you some ideas if you are looking for a tiny house full of light and passive solar options.


Atelier creates sustainable, stationary garden studios for use by artists, musicians, designers or anyone who needs a backyard office space. The studios are made of recyclable aluminum with aluminium framed bifolding or sliding doors and various types of glass including solar control, frosted, or switch glass that can be switched from clear to opaque.



Cedar siding from sustainable sources is also used on the exterior and no chemicals are used on the wood to treat or maintain its natural beauty. Atelier continues to be environmentally conscious by running a paper free business out of their Ashton-Under-Lyne offices.



Atelier offers three types of studios, the Vista, the Panorama and the Horizon. The Vista is 11.5 feet deep and just over 16 feet wide and sells for around $40,000 (£28,495). The Panorama is approximately 14×25 and costs around $57,000 (£39,495) and has a full length balcony overhang. The Horizon comes in an L-shaped design that can be customized to have a kitchen or bathroom. It runs about $53,000 (£36,995).

Photos by Atelier Garden Studios

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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