Amsterdam’s Bridge Houses Transformed into Sweet, Tiny Hotel Rooms

Several years ago, the Tiny House Blog featured various bridge tender houses and how some of them might make a great tiny house. Now the progressive city of Amsterdam has done just that. The city’s 28 iconic bridge houses are being transformed into little hotel rooms with views of the canals, rivers, and bustling bicycle culture.

11 of Amsterdam’s 28 decommissioned bridge houses have been turned into hotel rooms.

11 of the 28 bridges are now SWEETS hotel rooms located in various places around the city. The rest will be remodeled over the next few years. The houses had been decommissioned in 2017 and were no longer needed to manually open bridges for the city’s canal boat traffic. Each of the bridge houses are unique and one even dates back to the 17th century. The room interiors reflect the history of each of the houses and they all have wifi, bathrooms, showers and heating.

The rooms feature double beds, dining spaces and bathrooms.

The oldest bridge house is the Amstelschutsluis and was built in 1673. It is only accessible by boat, but it’s also the only SWEETS hotel room with a kitchen. It is located near the Magere Brug or the “skinny bridge.” The Meeuwenpleinbrug is a modern style bridge built in the 1960s. It’s located in Amsterdam North and contains a double bed and midcentury mod furniture. The Westerdoksbrug has some stunning views of the Palace of Justice and is near the popular Noordermarkt organic food market.

Bridge houses like the Westerdoksbrug are elevated to offer stunning views.

The SWEETS hotel project was created and designed by Suzanne Oxenaar, Gerrit Groen and Otto Nan. The Dutch architecture firm Space&Matter and the Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy renovated the bridge houses into the new rooms that embrace city life.

Visitors can stay in these rooms (like the Gerben Wagenaarbrug) for around €160 per night.

Photos by SWEETS hotel


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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