5 Ways to Add Houseplants to a Tiny Space

With the recent influx of houseplant Instagrammers such as Darryl Cheng or YouTubers such as Summer Rayne Oakes, green, living things are the newest home accessory.

Tiny or small house dwellers can still have houseplants.

Photo by Huy Phan

Houseplants have always been popular, but with many people sticking close to home, they have become even more popular than ever before. It’s also easier than ever to learn about and obtain a larger variety. From Etsy and boutique shops to plant swaps, you can find yourself overrun with the little guys.

This is especially problematic in a tiny house or small cottage. It would be wonderful to create a greenhouse inside a tiny house, but space and light can be very limited. Don’t fret, there are ways to bring the newest, popular houseplants into your tiny space.

1. Stick with one showpiece

Photo by Ksenia

Towering plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Areca Palm are sought after for their bulk and impressive foliage. However, plants like these tend to grow quickly and take over both large and small spaces. The key is to just stick with one large showpiece plant. This plant, whether it’s a Philodendron Monstera (Swiss Cheese plant) or a dwarf Umbrella Tree, should be the star of the show. It should be placed where it gets optimum light and admiration. Smaller plants can be its entourage.

2. Choose your pots wisely

Photo by Eelffica

Pots are just as important as the plants. If you have a pot that is too bulbous, angled, or even decorative, it can take up more room than it needs. Streamline your pot choices to just a few designs such as minimalist pots found at IKEA or at Home Depot. In addition, don’t give a slow-growing plant too large a pot.

3. Hang and stagger

Photo by Huy Phan

Two ways to fit more plants into a tiny space is to hang them and stagger them in levels. You can hang draping plants from a taller ceiling, your shower head, or even on the wall. You can fit more plants in one area by putting them on single or multitiered stands. They can even sit on tables or benches up against a window.

4. Move them around

Photo by LUM3N

Every few months or so, move your plants around your house. This will give them different types of light and is a quick way to change up your decor. This is also a good time to see what plants like what areas better. Does your Chinese Money Plant like the kitchen windowsill or the bookshelf better? Is your ZZ plant perfectly content sitting in the bathroom corner?

5. Give them away

Photo by Kaboompics

It’s so tempting to make offshoots or baby plants part of your adult plant family. If you are already at your limit, these baby plants make great gifts for holidays or birthdays. Place these cuttings in water to encourage roots and then plant them in small, personalized pots for each person.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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