Modern Garage Conversion Tiny House

Have you ever considered turning a garage into a living space? Digs Co did just that. This husband and wife team created a garage conversion tiny house vacation rental. It’s a charming modern living space with quirky decor and fun features. For example, they installed netted lounge space, aka a Bird’s … Read more

Tiny House Bathroom Design Ideas from 11 Homes

One of the most important rooms in any home is the bathroom. For a tiny house bathroom, it can range from extremely rustic to high-end luxurious, and super compact or as spacious as possible. It all depends on how you prioritize your living space. What do you prefer? Watch to … Read more

Inventive Design Ideas from 5 Unique Tiny Homes

In our tiny house travels across North America, my boyfriend and I have had the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of tiny dwellers. Seeing how they each tailor their small space around their needs and passions never gets old. It always gives us fresh ideas for how to update our … Read more