12 X 24 Home In Nome Alaska

My Name is Brian. I have been living in this 12 x 24, 488 square feet house in Nome Alaska for two years. I became aware of the Tiny House Blog about a year ago and love it. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I took a job as a pilot out … Read more

Green Home/Studio Space

So, I live and work in a ‘green’, semi sustainable workshop space that was a shell of a buliding in which I built water systems, heat, and toliet/shower…..

The place is a ‘workshop’ basically, a commercial space that I use for my art/music studio and to live in. The place is in rural Colorado, no address (not on the city’s map), it was a shell building, a large garage basically…the house/studio is heated with a west bay door that opens to a homeade acrylic glass window that in the morning let’s the east sun in for heat, there is also 3 large south facing windows for all day passive solar heat, the ‘running water’ is all carried in (usage is around 5 gallons per day or less) and the sink is made from a water container with a spigot attached (properly) with hose clamps and gasket.

I fill the sink with water as needed but it runs on gravity, the toilet is a composting toilet inspired by the humanure compost toilet system, so I use either peat moss or good pine sawdust for cover material, I also have another toilet just for urine (number 1), the shower is a little less luxurious and is a large plastic basin that I use either a hung solar shower or water jugs with holes drilled in them. I have a small copper quartz heater for at night mostly and a wood stove for heat, the studio is about 1000 sq ft (so not exactly tiny), (but not a large ‘house’ either).

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Small Home. Big Life

By Ben Hurst Hello, my name is Ben, a 31 year old music teacher. I live in Southeast Louisiana and in the past four years I have been on a journey to create an easier life for myself. From growing a garden, raising chickens, ducks, and rabbits, to aquaponics. I … Read more

Lulu’s Shipping Container Home

Kirsten Dirksen from faircompanies.com recently put up a new story about Lulu’s shipping container home. She did an excellent job of video taping Lulu’s story and sharing her home. This story means more to me because I met Lulu early on when she and Jenine Alexander were building her shipping … Read more

Shipping Container As An Underground Shelter

Disclaimer: You should consult an engineer before building something this complex and especially before building underground. This video demonstrates the building of an underground shelter, but could also be used as an underground home or office depending how you completed the interior of the shipping container. Here is the description that goes along … Read more

Would You Live in a Dumpster?

My internet has been down all morning and it just came back up. Here is a video that is making the rounds and several of you have asked me to post it on the Tiny House Blog. Gregory Kloehn likes building unique items and recently decided to create a high … Read more

Simple Small Sturdy Sleeping Structure

KOMO News in Seattle Washington and Martha Kang write a story about a homeless structure designed to help the homeless in Nickelsville. The 8-square-foot structure houses the dreams of the residents at Nickelsville. It’s called a “simple small sturdy sleeping structure,” and each resident hopes to soon call one home. “It’s … Read more