HELP Make Tiny Houses Legal in Oregon!

Oregon is often thought of as a tiny house haven. While it’s true that it is home to countless tiny dwellers, a growing number of tiny home communities and numerous builders, Oregon is far from legally tiny house friendly. And most unfortunately, the state is currently caught up in a tremendous conflict between a couple state officials with an ax to grind and pro-tiny house advocates including citizens, nonprofit organizations, various municipal officials, house representatives and the governor. The good news: advocates are rallying to …

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NEW Educational Documentary, “Living Tiny Legally, Part 2”

An Educational Resource for Tiny House Advocates and Policy Makers The much-anticipated next installment of the Living Tiny Legally documentary series recently debuted at the Georgia Tiny House Festival and is now available online. Part 2 explores the benefits of tiny housing, examines the need for building standards and how current codes can be updated to be more tiny house friendly. Gave me goosebumps. Never thought building code revisions could be so gripping. Kevin Polk Makes A Village Construction Career Academy’s tiny house villagePart 2 features the following …

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The Future of Tiny Housing and the IRC

Likely by now you’ve heard of the proposed tiny house code for IRC 2018. But what are its implications for the future of tiny housing in America? Andrew Morrison, the tiny house luminary behind this historic effort, recently joined us on Tiny House Expedition Radio to discuss the nitty-gritty of the proposal, what it includes and doesn’t include, and the potential benefits for those seeking to live tiny legally. As Andrew explains, a tiny house appendix in the IRC code would mean more than you may imagine, …

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Living Tiny Legally, An Educational Documentary Series

Living Tiny Legally is a three part documentary series, created by filmmakers Alexis Stephens (that’s me!) and Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition, with the help of co-producer and Tiny House Collaborative member, Kai Rostcheck. It provides an in-depth, inside look into how a handful of cities from all over the country are making legal tiny housing and legal tiny house communities, a reality. It is intended be an educational resource for tiny house advocates and municipal officials. It is now available on YouTube. “Do you …

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Bumming Around And Hardly Working With Andrew Morrison & Gabriella Stupakoff

Andrew Morrison

This week Tiny House Podcast interviews owners and designers of arguably the most recognized tiny house in the world, the hOMe. Having licensed their hOMe design to a commercial builder, Andrew Morrison and his wife of 18 years Gabriella Stupakoff have built a tiny, but comfortable, niche for themselves. The couple spends their lives on their five acre tiny house compound, debt-free, planning tiny house workshops and enjoying their life in a tiny house, a cabin for their daughter, a cabin for their son and …

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Tiny Houses and Workshops

three people

Workshops are they worth it? I had the opportunity to attend one of Andrew Morrison’s straw bale workshops a couple of years ago. We spent a week making new friends and learning new skills. Andrew has a way of communicating his vast knowledge to each attendee and he makes it fun also. For the very first time he is offering Tiny House Workshops and if you have the opportunity to go I would highly recommend it and say that every dollar you spend will be worth …

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Experience the Tiny House Jamboree

Tiny House Jamboree

Tiny House Expedition captures the essence of the Tiny House Jamboree 2015 experience. The tiny house tribe takes over Colorado Springs for an inspiring, epic weekend. Featuring highlights from this historic tiny house community gathering. Over 35,000 attendees flocked from for all 50 states & many countries, to learn, connect & build community during this 3-day extravaganza. There were 28 tiny houses of all kinds on display, creating an energized temporary TH village.

The first of five videos from #TeamTinyX on the THJ 2015- stay tuned!

The Jamboree videos include advice & insights from tiny house community leaders. Plus, full-length presentations from tiny house luminaries Jay Shafer, Andrew Morrison & Zack Giffin.

One video to be released per day over this week!

Straw Bale a Tiny House Option?

straw bale

by Andrew Morrison Some time ago I introduced you to the idea of building a tiny house with a not so tiny material: straw bales ( The idea seemed strange at first glance to some of you; however, I have heard that many of you have since embraced it. Straw bales are obviously not an option for someone wanting to build on a trailer as the weight of a plastered straw bale wall assembly is far too heavy. For a home built on a fixed …

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Andrew’s TEDx Tiny House Talk

Andrew Morrison

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Andrew Morrison for over seven years now via the Internet and personally the last year. Andrew is known for his fantastic Straw Bale videos and workshops and in the last year as a tiny house builder and designer. I had the opportunity to introduce Andrew and his wife Gabriella to the tiny house world through the Tiny House Blog. They have become good friends and Andrew has a talent which I sometimes envy. He is a natural speaker and …

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hOMe Construction Plans

Hello all you wonderful readers! Andrew and Gabriella Morrison here from with the announcement that our hOMe construction plans are finalized and available. They have been meticulously edited by an architect, a designer, and also engineered/stamped by a veteran structural engineer. If you’ve been looking for a tiny house that allows you to live without compromise and that offers a full sized kitchen with full appliances, comfortable stairs to the master bedroom, furniture that works double duty as storage, space for a home …

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Straw bale Workshop Day 7

Andrew chainsaw

Day seven started out earlier than usual as we were ending the day a little earlier and we were loosing a couple of people who had to head home because of distance and work. We were still very much behind schedule. With Andrew being ill much of the week we had not completed as much as we needed to and we wanted to at least get a start on the plastering. We spent all morning doing finishing work around the windows. Curving them gently in, …

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Straw bale Workshop Day 6

installing mesh

Today is day 6 of the straw bale workshop here at Common Kettle Farm. One thing that I have discovered at this workshop is that straw bale construction takes time and there are lots of steps. If you want a completed home fast, straw bale is not the way to go. If you want a warm cozy or cool home with low utilities and are patient straw bale is perfect. Today the rest of the meshing was put up, and more of the electrical put …

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