Tinywood Homes Extend Living Space with Gazebos and Hot Tubs

Aidan Reeve of the Tinywood Homes company in Warwickshire, England has been a professional designer and builder for over 20 years and created these tiny and luxurious little homes for glamping purposes. However, these well-designed structures (with optional wood heated hot tubs) can be lived in full time. The Tinywoods are rented in the Warwickshire area, but if you live in England, the homes can be purchased and delivered and installed on your property.


The Tinywood Homes are built with locally sourced wood and reclaimed materials where possible. They come in different sizes and configurations including the Tinywood One, Tinywood Two, Tinywood Three, Family Teeny, and Teeny Weeny House. The Teeny Weeny is also known as the Glamp-Pod and is a mini cottage with room for a bed, a small sink and a mini stove. It can be towed by a truck and placed by a small farm tractor.



Tinywood One is constructed around a modified 20 foot shipping container, and Tinywood Two is a 16 foot steel framed wooden building. Both are lined and sided with locally sourced Douglas Fir, well insulated and feature secure doors and alarm systems.


The Tinywood One and Two feature double bedrooms, kitchens with dining tables, bathrooms with plumbed toilets and shower, central heating boiler with radiators and on-demand hot water, full 240v electrical and a wood burning stove. The unique loft can hold several beds. The Tinywood Three has two upstairs bedrooms and can sleep up to eight people. The Family Teeny can sleep six people and has a private external composting toilet. The 16 foot homes start from £19,995 ($31,759) plus VAT, and 20 foot homes start from £22,995 ($36,500) plus VAT. The hot tub with decking and deck lights costs an extra £4,995 ($7,000).


Photos courtesy of Tinywood Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. Now THIS is exactly how I’d like to live on my land. My goal is a bit more rustic using materials already on my land but photo #2 is a perfect example of a tiny living area with a covered area outside for whatever else. Under the covered area to the left of the hot-tub, I’d use a cob oven instead of the big wood stove but this, and the first photo, are great.


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