Tiny Houses of Maine Offer Shells, Trailers and ADU

Carpenter Luke Lucier began to build tiny homes on wheels, not only for their mobility, but because he felt that the THOW fits the lifestyles of Mainers. Many people in this northern state live in rural areas and can now live more affordably and sustainably with another tiny house option for the Pine Tree State.


Tiny Houses of Maine offers custom tiny houses on their own Low-Boy Trailers. The trailers are also available for DIYers and include 2×6 framing between the side rails. The company decided to use their own low trailer which allows for additional headroom in the home.


Along with their bungalow style homes, Tiny Houses of Maine also sells basic shells that include fully framed walls and roof, framed windows and doors, green ZIP System OSB on the exterior walls, insulated floor and ice and water underlayment on the roof. The rest can be completed by the owner.


Tiny Houses of Maine will also design and build accessory dwelling units (ADU) in areas of the state that allow for them.


Luke’s father, Ted Lucier, also has his own project going. He is looking for a parcel of land where a tiny house community can be developed. The community will be built in conjunction with town or city regulations and act as a template for other tiny house communities.

Photos by Tiny Houses of Maine

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Brian - May 30, 2016 Reply

My own tiny house similar to this one with be completed in JULY and towed up to Maine shortly thereafter. It IS an excellent idea for some Mainers.

Shauna Teague - June 25, 2016 Reply

What is the shell cost on a 28 trailer?

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