Timeless Sculptures House

This tiny house in Carson City, Nev. caught my attention this fall, not only because of the great style, trim and paint job, but also because it was nestled among giant carvings of eagles, Native Americans and other larger-than-life figures.


Roger Cole, a retired local builder and furniture maker, designed and built this tiny house for wood sculptor Matthew Welter. Matthew wanted something functional, a garden shack that he could use as an information booth for his business, Timeless Sculptures. It contains a computer to show photos of his sculptures, banners and brochures.

He wanted a place that was well lit and ventilated so he added on his own design: the “steeple” on the roof.

The structure is built on skids so it can be moved around the property. The windows were salvaged from an old trailer and the trim and deck is from leftover wood pieces used in Matthew’s art. It is wired for electricity, but not plumbed.

Matthew says that several passersby and customers have commented on the tiny structure and tell him how much they like it. He calls it his little “gift from the gods.”

The whimsical paint job of this structure got me wondering: what are other popular paint colors for tiny houses? If you have (or dream of) a tiny house, what would you paint it?

By Christina Nellemann for the (Tiny House Blog)



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