SoulSurvivorX2 Tiny Cabin

Have you ever considered having an off-grid tiny house ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Mike and Cindy of SoulSurvivorX2 are currently fixing up their own 12×26 foot home on wheels to have as a secure and secret hideaway from the walking dead and other nefarious people.


While the SoulSurvivorX2 couple seem to be initially known for guns, prepping gear and sexing up SHTF, take a closer look at their videos on YouTube. They have a ton of useful (and fun) information on camping, backpacking, health and wellness, simple living and now—a tiny house tucked away in the woods. The couple work as real estate agents in Jacksonville, Florida and live with no debt while enjoying the outdoors and living on their own terms. They believe in being prepared for any situation, own the quintessential bug-out bags and are now fixing up their own bug-out cabin.


The cabin on wheels was towed to their land surrounded by trees and inhabited by their free range chickens. Mike and Cindy’s off-grid survival retreat is now hoisted up on blocks and they are installing new doors and screens, building new stairs and installing a metal corrugated roof. The open floor plan will include new walls, a kitchen, bath and loft. Solar panels will be installed and water will be heated with propane. Cindy even painted the door with camouflage and palm frond stencils to hide it away in their forested prepper retreat.

Videos by SoulSurvivorX2


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Lisa - May 19, 2014 Reply

Great job!!! I can’t wait to see the next video!!

Marykay - May 19, 2014 Reply

I believe the more prepared one is for mother natures fury, the better. We have been spoiled, strive to own everything, and in doing so lost true family connections. Living off the grid may not be easy for most people. It’s doable, with the right mindset. Enjoyed the article.

Maria - May 19, 2014 Reply

I’m so jealous!!! Wish I could do this.

Zach - May 19, 2014 Reply

Tiny house living is similar to that saying “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

I appreciate everything about the Tiny House movement, from the getting back to humanity and community and nature, to the “bug-out shelter” aspects.

As a sufferer of PTSD, I need a place where I can bug out to in times of stress and just needing to put some distance between myself and the hustle of everyday life. But if there was a group of like-minded people to have that connection with, I could still “get out” while remaining connected.

I also appreciate the environmental issues that Tiny House living goes to help with. Using alternative energy and fuels and living off the environment, and giving back to nature by consuming less of it and also reusing and reclaiming discarded, viable materials, and even in the alternative ways of handling biowaste and organic matter, it takes being a good steward of what we’ve been loaned to an even greater extent.

Solar energy, wind energy, solar heating and water heating, composting biomass, geo-thermal for those setting down “roots” for their homes… The list of ways to be environmentally friendly with a tiny house go on and on.

Then the ability to truly create a priority list of what is really necessary for you to live, and what are only “things” to clutter your life and living space, that brings a new sense of freedom and even clarity and sanity to an otherwise potentially insane world or at least your personal, local environment.

I wish I had the ability to invest in such a creature as a tiny house, I know my stress level would vastly improve in short order!


    Evelyn - May 22, 2014 Reply

    Hang in there, Zach! At least you still have hope … sometimes that’s all we can ask for!

    George - June 29, 2014 Reply


    I’m building a few tiny cabins on my mountain property in Colorado. I’d love for it to be a place where veterans with PTSD can go to decompress and relax.

    Get in touch with me so we can figure out how to get you involved.

    Semper Fi,

Doris - May 19, 2014 Reply

The setting is lovely, the house is adorable, and guineas are always an asset unless there’s a dozen or more of the noisy things :-). Loved the palmetto door, and the location, which looks rather familiar.

Having lived in Florida for over sixty years, however, they have no credibility with me as “survivalists.” This is more hobby farm/retreat material.

Guess I’m just getting old and cranky, but I would like a lot more “how to” and “how we (Mike) did this” than cheesecake commentary. After about the second video, the posing was over the top. I can’t see this condo girl (by her own admission) risking a fingernail to engage in any real survivalist lifestyle. However, if you spend a lot of time at Hooter’s, you’ll love these videos.

I gave up on the yoga video while the husband jacked up the house with her cooing: “Ooo dangerous dangerous!” . Rent bigger jacks next time. Self-sufficiency is one thing, working yourself too hard and inefficiently is another. And it can’t be easy with the constant commentary 🙂

    Evelyn - May 22, 2014 Reply

    Boy, you sure are a sourpuss! My compliments to the young couple for their imagination and enjoying it while they can!

    Lee - August 22, 2014 Reply


    I agree with you wholeheartedly, for whatever that’s worth. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the rest of the nation has come to expect from some of the residents of Florida – where most things seem to be undertaken with part-time or hobby-level knowledge and effort – but that these people also seem to be secretly convinced will somehow make them all famous (&/or) millionaires someday!

    Sorry to everyone else if all I can say is – ICK! I guess NOT liking schlocky stuff like this must make me a sourpuss, too – and proud of it! Not all publicity is good publicity.

    I’m a plain-speaker who appreciates another plain-speaker like Doris, more than she will ever know. I’ve had enough daisies blown up my butt in the past, and now I’m only interested in good, reliable information that I might actually be able to count on.

    Thanks for listening!

    Devoted to living tiny,


dewhit - May 19, 2014 Reply

It is no wonder many in the mainstream consider the small home sector as a fringe element of desperado’s.

I have serious doubts that two real estate agents from Jax will live in Hilliard long if they are not selling plots there.

I guess boobs can used to try to sell anything.

Edward Owens - May 19, 2014 Reply

Doris and Dewhit, Jealousy is very unbecoming. Or should I be jealous of all the young, handsome men out there. I subscribe to this blog for all the ideas, big and small, that I can glean from it. Peace.

    Doris - May 19, 2014 Reply

    Actually Edward, I held back on my comments since people enjoy being offended by the truth these days. If you don’t think she’s posing like a used car commercial pitcher, then you don’t watch TV. This was no how-to on survivalists or even fixing up a cute little cabin in the Florida woods, this was straight-up simpering self-promotion. I’m way past the point of jealousy: that’s the great thing about getting old, I can observe all the drama and laugh.

    But I don’t read these blogs to see Kardashians Visit the Palmettos. I would rather see a video on a hopelessly naive young couple attempting a move to the country, or better yet, the Aussie series guys who solve problems. These were just ridiculous. There are WAY too many TH adventurers out there to waste our time on this. But if you enjoyed it, hey, all her efforts were not in vain 🙂

    Evelyn - May 22, 2014 Reply

    Amen, Edward! Gives us old codgers who “grew up” in a materialistic society something else to think about!

mike - May 19, 2014 Reply

12′ wide and on wheels? Aren’t they usually 8′ max?

    Evelyn - May 22, 2014 Reply

    Duh … it’s the same width as a mobile home and could be moved as any small house could be.

Mark - May 19, 2014 Reply

Judging by the front door opening, they are 8′-6″ to 9 feet wide.

I was wondering if you took two 8′ wide trailers, and joined them on site like the manufactured homes, is it still considered a trailer also? That is, assuming you have kept the wheels on? Think of the possibilities!!

sc - May 20, 2014 Reply

they are in florida? free range chickens? they are going to raising pythons pretty soon. lol.

    Doris - May 21, 2014 Reply

    Coyotes and foxes are a much bigger problem in this area, but yes snakes of all kinds eat the eggs, too, and have killed my little hens when they tried to protect their nests. Very hard to keep chickens around here, as the snakes can get into any kind of pen. I used to let the rat snakes have a few eggs, as they kept down the mouse and rat population, too, but then they got greedy…
    Overall, in this area, you wouldn’t be advised to prance around in shorts and without sleeves, either, as the mosquitos and stinging yellow flies would eat you alive. She must have been covered in DEET 🙂

Evelyn - May 22, 2014 Reply

I am retiring in three years and have been looking at tiny houses on FB for a while. My plans are to buy a small (20 ft.) travel trailer and travel for a year or so until I get tired of being on the road. At that point, I would love to buy or rent some land in the south close to some water to put a tiny house on. Since I am in my 60’s, I would have to have a “bedroom” on the main level with perhaps a loft for guests/storage. I think an outhouse is the way to go, only if you have a deck or raised walkway to it. I already have to get up in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t want to have to walk out in the woods on the ground to go to the bathroom. Lived in central Tallahassee and central Florida for 10 years … miss the sandy soil and palmettos. Love your ideas … keep on posting!

    Doris - May 23, 2014 Reply

    Since Kent doesn’t mind people advertising here, If you are serious about a place to park for a while, Evelyn, check out “the other tiny house” talk for comments from someone named Sally. Never seen her on here. She has acres and acres in NE FL and has been very generous to people who have a genuine interest in scaling down so they can afford to live. She wouldn’t let the couple featured in the video in her front gate, tho, serious THers only. She comes with a warning label: she’s in her 70s and very caustic :-), a lot worse than me, and I get backlash all the time. Best wishes to you and happy retirement and travels.

Jay Brooke - May 26, 2014 Reply

In the reply to Doris May 25th at 6:25pm someone mentioned “the other TInt House Talk” and to look for comments by Sally.
Could someone tell me what the “other” TH talk is and where to find it? I thought this was the only one.
I would like to try and talk to Sally and see what her rates are for Tiny Homes.

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