Mini Homes of Manitoba Build Tiny House for First Nation Tribe

While the Mini Homes of Manitoba company just started building their first few tiny homes, one of them is going to a good cause. Darrell Manuliak and Anita Munn of Mini Homes of Manitoba are teaming up with Idle No More to build and send a home to the Big River First Nation community as an option for affordable housing. The campaign is called the One House, Many Nations project.


Mini Homes of Manitoba builds custom tiny homes, adapted to the cold weather, for customers in the Saskatchewan area and beyond. Their 16×8 foot, 13.5 foot tall house for the Big River community has a spacious loft balcony loft accessed by a real staircase rather than a ladder. The kitchen has a full refrigerator, sink and portable induction burners in lieu of a stove. The house is also environmentally friendly with solar panels, a Nature’s Head composting toilet and a wood stove that heats the home’s water. Radiant floor heating and spray foam insulation will help with the area’s icy winters.

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The custom homes start at $28,000 and since they are custom made, the price will depend on the options and model. The company will even build a shell that you can finish yourself. Both Darryl and Anita have been building together for six years. Darrell has over 20 years experience in construction and renovation.



Photos by Mini Homes of Manitoba/Facebook

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Sylvia - December 14, 2015 Reply

Please keep me posted on your new THOW, I need to get a loan any suggestions

rebecca schetter - December 15, 2015 Reply

are these RVIA certified, so they can be allowed in RV parks?
I would love to buy one to “rough in” so i can finish with my own decorative design and appliances.
thank you, Rebecc

sharon - December 29, 2015 Reply

I love this idea! Would I be able to see one of these homes?

Leanne - January 12, 2017 Reply

I am looking to build a hybrid “tiny house” style house. However I have medical conditions, so everything has to be on the same level. No loft, or if there is a loft it would be only for storage… I want a stationary 500 sq ft house..
Any ideas on type of builder?

Quality Sprayfoam - June 8, 2017 Reply

The frustrating part of this publicity is that I did work for this company and was paid with a cheque written on a closed account and have not received my money. I am stuck paying for these peoples profits.

Laurie - December 4, 2017 Reply

Terry Anniuk
Yesterday at 2:42pm ·
As most know, Ive been Living on Hecla Island for over 4 years and working at the resort, knowing I’m here for the long haul, I knew I wanted a home to call my own. With very few options to buy on the island, I decided to build a “mini” home and have it moved onto the property the resort has where we have our staff housing. The company I work for had a lot that needed to be cleared and they were great to have that done for me at no expense to me. They got it all ready to go for me last spring, all it needed was a home!

I hired Mini Homes Of Manitoba (Anita Munn & Darrell Manuliak) in March 2017 to build my home. I paid them in full, $62, 715.00 and it was agreed upon that my house was to be delivered by middle of May (2017). Week after week they delayed my build, telling me the house would be completed the following week. That week would come and go with another excuse as to why the house was delayed. Every week Anita Munn would tell me the house would be done in a few days. Because of the distance between the build, myself and Anita agreed to send pictures and FaceTime the progress of my home. I would receive nothing. By the end of July, when the house was suppose to be delivered, after many delays, the day of delivery, Anita contacted me to say the inspector came in and cut open all the walls and wiring to the house and the house would be delayed another week or 2. At that point, I demanded to see pictures of the house in the state it was in. Again, she could not prove a house even existed. After that, we both agreed to return all the money I paid them in full. She promised week after week that she was going to the bank to complete the wire transfer or get a certified cheque. Each time she would tell me that the transaction was completed and each time it was a lie. This went on for around 6 weeks or so.

I hired a lawyer to send out a letter of demand to return the money. They (Anita Munn) and Darrell Manuliak) did not respond.

I posted a recommendation very similar to the description I just gave on the Mini homes of Manitoba facebook page. That’s when Anita Munn contacted me telling me to take it down. I told her that it was a factual statement and I was entitled to my opinion and to share it with whoever I choose to. At that point, she said she wanted to make it right with me, they would build me a home in 4 days. She immediately sent photos and videos of an existing home they were building for themselves in Long Plain on the reserve. The house was half done and she said they would finish it off to my specifications and delivery and set it up and wanted the post to come down. I reluctantly agreed and the post came down.

Shortly after that conversation, Anita sent out a revised contract, agreeing to have the house delivered to me by September 27th (which gave them 10 days not 4 to complete the house). Since then, there have been many excuses as to why the house was having delays. Communication was good at the beginning and quickly became spars. Each time in speaking with Anita I would ask for pictures, I did get a few eventually, not sure what they were or if they were of the house they were doing for me. Each week there would be excuses as to why there were delays. The main excuse as to why the house was delayed was because they arena the house was being built in needed a bigger door to be cut open to get the house out of the building. After many weeks of delays that finally happened mid November. Anita assured me the house was being delivered to Hecla Island. She did say the house was needing some “finishing touches” but they would complete that when they set things up in Hecla.

Since the beginning of June, Mini homes of Manitoba moved from their Winnipeg location to Long Plain Reserve and has been building 12 mini homes on the Long Plain Reserve, Manitoba. Anita told me they would be able to build my house on the reserve while building the other homes they were working on. Although I have seen a lot of progress on their Facebook page on the mini houses for Long Plains, she did not post any pictures of my house.

I haven’t seen very many photos of my house’s progress (although I’ve been asking!!), Last week I get the news a moving company has been hired to move my house(s) to the island. Each day I was told they were on their way and each day they didn’t come. By the end of the week, In desperation to get the houses to the island I offered to hire a company (doctor hook) to pick them up from their current location. When I requested the address of the homes I was ignored. I posted a plea to Anita on their Facebook page to contact me and tell me where my house was. Someone who saw the post, reposted a screen shot of “Sheriff’s Sale” where my house (same photos of the house the builders sent me are the photos on the auction website of the same house) was seized a week prior and was being auctioned off. Appears from the details that Mini Homes of Manitoba did not pay their lumber bill at Matrix Lumber and they were taken to court where Matrix Lumber won the lawsuit against them to receive money owed. All the while each day i was told my home was being delivered it was already taken by the courts.

Sorry for the long winded message, most know I don’t post drama on social media, I only want to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. This was my life savings, and now its gone. Sure I can and will file a law suit against them, in hopes to get back my money. Nothing is guaranteed though. But I hope that people will learn from my very expensive mistake, be careful who you trust, people aren’t alway who they appear to be.

Karen - December 5, 2017 Reply

Crooks. Look into the people they scammed money our of.

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