Intimidated by building? Try a Tiny House Shell from Tiny House Basics

Does the thought of building your own tiny house make you more than a little nervous? Leave the most difficult part to the experts and purchase a tiny house shell from two builders who have already been through the process.

Tiny House Basics sells 5 house shells in various lengths.


Joshua and Shelley of Tiny House Basics in Northern California sell five shells in various sizes and live in their own 374 square foot house built in only 18 days with the help of the crew from “Tiny House Nation”.

The 24 foot “Rubicon” is one of the company’s tiny house shells.


Tiny House Basic’s shells start at 12 feet long and go up to 28 feet long. You can also choose from a 14 foot, 20 foot and 24 foot model or you can build your own custom shell with the company’s guidance. Each shell is made to fit on a trailer which can also be purchased from Tiny House Basics. The company sells the trailers separately as well.

Mention “tiny house blog and get $100 off any tiny house trailer plus free flush crossmembers upgrade and a additional $500 off when purchasing any tiny house shell.

The shells start as small as 12 feet long.


The standard shells include the trailer, 2×4 exterior walls, t1-11 exterior siding, insulated floors with a waterproof vapor barrier and a vaulted ceiling. In addition you can choose from a traditional gable style roof or optional shed style roof with your choice of metal roofing. The front door and four windows are also included as well as your choice of lofts. Of course, you can change any of these options with custom upgrades.

Joshua and Shelley live in their own tiny house in Northern California.


Their bedroom loft includes storage in the floor.


As well as various levels on the main floor.


The couple shares the home with two dogs and a cat.


The shells also come with the option to have all electrical and plumbing installed. Tiny House Basics can then hand the shell over to you to complete or they can finish your home down to the smallest details. The company offers free quotes on their website for any of their shells or custom designs.


Photos by Tiny House Basics

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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