Incredible Tiny Homes’ Diverse Designs and One-Week Workshop

Anyone who has watched HGTV’s “Tiny House Hunters” has seen Randy Jones’s Incredible Tiny Homes. Several of his designs have been featured as a buyer’s option while on their tiny house hunt. What you may not know is how diverse these designs can be and that you can purchase their 16 to 18 foot base models for less than $30,000 or build your own for around $20,000 during a week long workshop.

Randy Jones’s tiny homes have been featured on several episodes of “Tiny House Hunters”.

After being affected by the economic downturn, Jones founded Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee in 2014. Incredible Tiny Homes are all built inside a controlled warehouse. Each home includes the trailer, two lofts, fiberglass insulation, and your choice of roof style, hardwood flooring and exterior siding. The exterior siding can range in style from rustic (like the Hobbit Hole), traditional (like the Rookwood Cottage) or even a mix (like the Wild Wood design).

The designs include various widths, lengths and exterior and interior details.

Incredible Tiny Homes offers both tours and build your own tiny house workshops.

Each of the designs come in 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot base models. The lengths range from 16 feet to 40 feet. They range in price from $25,000 to $119,400. Any of the homes can be upgraded with materials, appliances, stairs, or solar. Interior features include standard or composting toilets, 19 gallon electric water heater and butcher block countertops.

From rustic to minimalist, each home features a wide range of interior options


In addition to building custom homes, the company also offers the Tiny Home University. This intensive workshop teaches you how to build your own house in only one week. You can choose between various sizes and prices and each home can be thousands of dollars less than a custom home. The company encourages you to come up with your own approved design and bring along a Build Buddy to help finish the home. After one week you can tow your new 16 foot home away for around $18,000.

The Tiny Home University teaches you how to build your own home in one week.

Photos and video by Incredible Tiny Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Paul - October 9, 2017 Reply

Oh this is perfect! From the designs and furniture it’s so amazing!

BOB CLAUSS - February 7, 2018 Reply

Wood stoves sounded great. I have a 12×24 on 5 ac. of land near the Navajo Nation in the middle of New Mexico. I tried a wood stove and found when I arrived at 11 pm, stacking the stove full of wood and falling into bed brought about Phoenix in August with 120 degree heat. After opening all doors and windows and all fans, I got it down to 72. Added two logs, and woke up at 2 am, I was warmer outside then in. How do you set a wood stove so you can get 6 hours of regular heat. Agonay (as they say out here)

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