Inaugural ADU Tour in Portland

Tiny house fans in the Portland area will get a rare opportunity to tour the interiors of 11 accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in the Portland area next month. Kol Peterson and Deb Delman of Caravan-The Tiny House Hotel in Portland will be holding the first ADU tour in Portland, Oregon on June 1, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings and her vardo will also be special guests during the ADU networking event from 4-6 p.m. and participants will be able to view the new Caravan tiny rental — the Salsa Box.


“Part of the goal of the tour is to connect people who want to build ADUs with other homeowners, builders, and designers, who can help explain the actual building process that they went through, so the process seems less daunting.,” Kol said.

ADUs are secondary living units on single-family lots. Portland has seen a six-fold rise in the number of ADUs built since 2010.  This dramatic increase is the result of a 2010 City of Portland waiver of System Development Charges, which reduced the cost of building permits for an ADU by up to $11,000. The tour will be held in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the City of Portland, and Metro, the regional government for the Portland metropolitan area.


The self-guided tour will consist of 11 ADUs on the east side of Portland including 7 to 8 tiny homes on wheels. Along the route, attendees will have access to homeowners, builders and designers of ADUs and comprehensive, education case studies about the building and permit process of each building. Throughout the day, there will also be workshops presented by experts on permitting, financing, designing and building.


At Caravan, attendees will also have a chance to tour four custom-built tiny houses on wheels and can earn a special $25 discount to stay at Caravan as well as enter a raffle for a free stay at the tiny house hotel. Early bird tickets for the event are $25 and tickets the week of the event are $30. For more information and to register, visit the ADU tour website.



Photos courtesy of Accessory Dwellings, Caravan-The Tiny House Hotel and Portland Alternative Dwellings


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

4 thoughts on “Inaugural ADU Tour in Portland”

  1. On the end wall of a tiny house’s loft, would the base or foundation or whatever it’s called, support a built in book shelf-sort of thing? It could be storage for many things depending on the resident, but books make terrific insulation.

  2. Once more I’m reminded, with that photo of Dee Williams, of her wonderful, warm,intelligent book. One of the best books I’ve ever read, so that when I was reading I hoped it would go on forever. Thanks Dee, you have helped me.

  3. I am going to this. I’ve been wanting to go to some kind of event like this for a while. In the past, they were either too far away or too expensive for me to afford. I dream of having my own little place and living simply one day. This is so cool that Dee will be there! I’m VERY excited!

  4. Very disappointed that this tour was sold out before I even got there! I have been waiting for months for something like this to come around in Portland . I am looking for a tiny house to rent in the Portland area and was hoping I would meet someone who had one available.


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