Homestead Honey’s Off-Grid House

I was originally drawn to the beautiful garden photos from Teri Page’s Homestead Honey blog, but then noticed that she and her family of four live in a cozy 350 square foot cabin they built themselves on their 10 acres in Missouri. The family’s home was recently featured in the premier issue of Cabin Living.

The off-grid, solar powered home not only has some wonderful details like a bookshelf room divider, a cast iron stove, full pantry and a loft bedroom, but the home is directly connected with the family’s love for nature and the earth. They grow much of their own food and the home was built with reclaimed materials from a 100 year old barn, reclaimed insulation and slash walnut planed by the local Amish community.

The family’s initial plan was to build a three season shelter that would act as a screened sleeping area and covered outdoor kitchen and live in the shelter while they built their dream home. Because they would have to live off their land to accomplish this they instead decided to turn the footprint of the shelter into a fully insulated tiny house.The family spent about two years building the home and Teri has a few video tours and posts of the tiny house. She and her husband eventually plan to expand the house when their children get older.




The Homestead Honey blog features information on growing and preserving food, raising animals and homeschooling. The family also has an Etsy shop where they sell their beautiful wood and metal handiwork.


Photos by Homestead Honey/Teri Page


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Teri - October 5, 2015 Reply

Thanks for featuring our home! Hopefully I’ll take a new video tour soon!

Tobit - October 6, 2015 Reply

Good to see you featured here Teri, I’ve seen your outdoor kitchen before and have it saved for inspiration as I get ready to move to my woodstead in south-central Missouri next years. The upgrades you did this year are excellent.

Keep on living the good life.

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