Flat Pack Tiny House on Etsy

When you think of Etsy, you usually think of handmade jewelry and clothing, antiques and vintage items. Now you can also buy a tiny, flat-pack house built by Jacob Triche of the Revival Supply Co. shop on Etsy.

Triche-Flat-Pack-TinyHouse-materialsThis very tiny home only comes in at 96 square feet but it’s capable of fitting inside the back of a full-sized truck for delivery purposes. Made of luan, plywood, pine, 2x4s and Plexiglass, the house is selling on Etsy for $4,500.

Triche-Flat-Pack-TinyHouse-sideThe house has an upstairs loft large enough for a queen mattress, plus additional storage space. There is a ladder to access the loft and lots of light comes in from the generous window. The house even has a wet bath with a shower and toilet behind a removable wall.

Triche-Flat-Pack-TinyHouseThe exterior dimensions are 8 feet wide by 6 feet long by 12 feet high when assembled. The flat package is 8x3x3 feet. It can be assembled on-site with a 11 millimeter wrench by two people in about four hours. Jacob created the non-insulated house for temporary housing, a hunting or fishing camp, a tiny retreat, or for a minimalist who likes to keep life simple.

Triche-Flat-Pack-TinyHouse-planThe base package does not have electricity or plumbing, but it can be added by a qualified expert. Revival Supply Co. has plans to build more of these types of homes with insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and solar panel kits.

Triche-Flat-Pack-TinyHouse-tourLocated in Dallas, Texas, Revival Supply Co. also sells furniture, headboards and mantels made from reclaimed wood and other materials.

Photos by Jacob Triche/Revival Supply Co.

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