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The tiny EcoPod Holidays vacation homes, located in the Derbyshire area of England are not only portable vardo-like structures, but they have been built from over 50 percent waste materials including sheep’s wool and recycled glass bottles. Each of the EcoPod Holiday huts are available as vacation rentals for people who love to be in the outdoors, but want the comforts of home.

Each of the small structures, scattered around the countryside, are constructed using reclaimed timber with some additional FSC approved woods when needed. The owners also use sheep’s wool or recycled bottles as insulation and all finishes are derived from plant-based paints and natural oils. Solar panels are used for lighting and appliances. EcoPod Holidays also manufactures their own wood burning stoves for space heating and heating water for washing and showering.


Each of the EcoPods have different configurations that include a cozy interior with a kitchen, a dining/sleeping area, a bathroom and shower and some even have an airy conservatory and a balcony. All of them are located in scenic areas close to walking and biking routes. The EcoPod Holidays company will also work with customers to build their own tiny home using local and reclaimed materials.








Photos by EcoPod Holidays

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


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Johanna Tilbury - September 9, 2013 Reply

Loving your site. I have been building these tiney homes on wheels on the Big Island of Hawaii for several years.. would love to have some of my houses featured on your site.

They look so much different that what people have been building.. would be grand to speak with you

A hui hou,
See you around,


    pamela - September 9, 2013 Reply

    Hi Johanna, I would love to see some photo’s of what you have built! Please email me, thank you! (I am in Ottawa, Canada and i just got back from the Big Island, sorry to have missed meeting you!)

      Jon - September 11, 2013 Reply

      Hi Pamela, I live around Ottawa as well. I spend my recreational time in Ottawa, staying at a friends house, but work quite a ways outside of town. So I own a decently small house closer to work.

      But I’m considering selling my house to get a tiny home for those week nights. I haven’t noticed any Tiny Homes in the area, do you know of any? I wasn’t sure how well they would stand up to Canadian winters.



Corby - September 9, 2013 Reply

Three things… 1) I love the stainless work surface in the kitchen. Looks easy to maintain and keep clean. 2) The beds (I’m assuming those are beds) look like berths in a rail car — great use of space! 3) The drooping tulip design in the color glass mimics a shower head oh so wonderfully! Hope it’s okay if I borrow the design for my own tiny home!

Ok, a fourth… The little bird next to the doorway. A doorbell/knocker? Whimsical as well as practical!

Bridget - September 10, 2013 Reply

I think I would love to just buy one!

ET - September 10, 2013 Reply


Shell - September 10, 2013 Reply

Yes, they do look perfect. : ) Thanks for sharing them. : )


cristina lupien - September 15, 2013 Reply

Hi there:
Love the idea. Would love to see a close up of the water heating system. Is the shower gravity fed from above the stove or is there a solar electric pump to move it to the sink and the shower?

zacem - September 18, 2013 Reply

I love it….!

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