Backyard Unlimited Offers Tiny, Adaptable Amish-Built Structures

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Nathan Martin was familiar to the high quality craftsmanship of his Amish neighbors—something he thought was lacking in his current home of California. In an attempt to create sheds and other small structures similar to what he grew up with, Martin partnered with Amish builders in 2009 and started Backyard Unlimited.

Backyard Unlimited builds and sells backyard studios and offices.

Backyard Unlimited builds sheds, landscape structures, barns and playhouses. However, their style really shines in their studios and home offices which can easily be converted into a tiny house. Backyard Unlimited sheds comes fully assembled and larger structures can be assembled on-site in a few days.

Some of their designs, like this 10×16 structure can be turned into a tiny house.

The Studio/Home Office buildings come in various sizes including 12×20 shed roofed homes and 10×16 gable roof homes with front porches. Beds, bathrooms and small kitchens can also be installed after the building is finished. Exterior options include single, double or Dutch doors and speciality windows. In addition, the structures can also have overhangs, cedar shake, stucco or faux stone exterior siding.

Options like porches and French doors can also be added.

For the interior, an electrical package can be installed as well as lofts, shelving and wall sconces. The floors are finished with either Standard LP Prostruct Floor with SmartFinish, paint or plywood—allowing you to install your own floor. If you want even more fun details, Backyard Unlimited can also add a cupola to the roof.

Interiors can be customized for any buyer.

Backyard Unlimited is located in Rocklin and Grass Valley, California. They offer site preparation information, but you will need hire someone or prepare a site for your tiny structure yourself. The company website has online quote forms for each of their structures.

Backyard Unlimited structures are designed to be installed on-site.

Photos by Backyard Unlimited

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Martin - March 21, 2017 Reply

These are great but they all look the same size. Is it possible to make them double in size?

xe toyota gia tot - September 22, 2017 Reply

i thinks so Backyard Unlimited sheds comes fully assembled and larger structures can be assembled on-site in a few days.

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