Tiny Houses of Black Rock City 2017 – Radical Ritual

Another year in the desert and another year of tiny structures built just for the annual Burning Man community has come and gone. This year the theme for the event was Radical Ritual and Black Rock City was full of quick popup structures and more elaborate “homes” created for living in this hot and windy climate for an entire week.

Black Rock City is home to tens of thousands of Burners during the annual Burning Man event.

Most years, all the shelters are covered in a fine layer of white dust. This year was no different, but some of the most eye-catching structures were white and silver and stood out among the white city streets.

Other structures made good use out of vertical space and also allowed for star watching or getting away from the crowds. The “Tiger House” below was an art exhibit with clues on the outside that, if figured out, would open up the door.

This was also the year of the SHIFTPOD. This portable shelter has become popular at music festivals and Black Rock City saw several shiny SHIFTPOD villages.

Other structures were a little more creative and looked like actual tiny houses.

Some public spaces (bars, lounges, spas) are also a wonderful example of what can be built on the Black Rock Desert playa. The lovely AquaZone is a bar that only serves water and VW Bus Camp’s Leopard Lounge & Spa offers foot massages.

This year many participants were talking about Big Imagination’s 747 Project that landed in the city. Built from a jumbo jet, the structure is nothing like a tiny house, but it’s a fun way to use space. The jet allowed “passengers” to get boarding passes, drop off their emotional baggage and take a ride in first class.

While the sky’s the limit at Burning Man (no pun intended), some participants choose to keep their living situation in Black Rock City a little more simple.

Photos by Christina Nellemann

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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