SIP-Built, Single Story Tiny Homes in Ireland

Just like the U.S., our friends across the pond are quickly seeing the benefit of the tiny house. Whether to escape the high city prices or open up a tiny Airbnb, the smart, single story structures by Big Man Tiny Homes make downsizing easier.

Big Man Tiny Homes is based in County Cork, Ireland.

JP Simpson’s company, Big Man Tiny Homes, is based out of County Cork in Ireland. He builds several styles of tiny homes out of Europe’s leading manufacturer of SIPS (structural insulated panels). Big Man Tiny Homes offers three designs as well as a nearly unheard of 20 year guarantee on each home.

The single story homes all include kitchens, separate bedrooms, and full bathrooms.

Each home is built to a customer’s needs and features a range of materials and features. Exterior siding (called cladding in Ireland) can include beautiful cedar or Siberian larch, cement board, metal or Tegral cedral cement based siding. Tegral cedral cladding is a fiber cement brand that offers easy installation and low maintenance.

The homes are made from SIPS, which can be installed quickly.

The three designs include the 480 square foot ACORN design, the 480 square foot OAK design, and the 450 square foot ASH design. They range in price from €54,000 ($59,600) to €58,600 ($65,000). The ACORN includes a full living room and kitchen as well as two bedrooms. A master and a smaller room for children and a single bed. The OAK also has two bedrooms that flank a living/kitchen area. The ASH has only one bedroom, but it does have a separate dining area and a storage space.

The three designs start at just over $59,000.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


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  1. I don’t see a floor plan that appears to be anything like the picture at the head of this article – do they offer other plans besides the three that were highlighted here?

    • Chiara, you may want to talk with other people in your area about builders who are available to build you a home. Have you checked out the Tiny Homes Ireland Facebook group? If you are interested in the Big Man Tiny Homes, please contact them directly.


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