Tiny Hemp Houses Can Be Combined for Group Living

Hemp is not only showing up in clothing, bedding and food but now it’s being used to build homes. Ryan Chadwick and his wife, Emily Franz, own StayKondo, a manufacturing company with a new design for a hemp-based modular house.

StayKondo manufactures modular tiny homes out of industrial hemp.


Created from a giant infused mold, each unit will be half constructed of industrial hemp. The material is lightweight and strong. In addition, it’s a more sustainable product than wood and all of the materials will be grown in the U.S.

Each unit will include a self-contained home complete with loft.

The units are around 200 square feet and self-contained, but they can be combined with other units to create 400 square foot homes for group housing. Each unit has grey and black water storage containers, Energy Star appliances, smart lighting and temperature control, integrated solar power and even rain collection systems.

The homes will have smart technology as well as rainwater collection systems.

Each unit is built on a trailer that can be tucked away; a faux foundation is then added to give it a more streamlined look. The little homes include a downstairs living area with a sleeper sofa, bathroom with shower, a dining table that folds against the wall and a small kitchen. The loft bedroom contains two separate sleeping areas with twin beds.

Each unit has a small living area complete with full bathroom and pull-down dining table.

StayKondo is currently in the process of acquiring land and working on permits to create a group housing area near Aspen, Colo. Resort locations like this ski town are in dire need of small, affordable housing for seasonal employees. Several of the units are being built in Oregon this winter for another future community. While the houses will not be for sale, they can be leased out to resort owners or small towns.

The units can be combined to create group living villages.

Photos by StayKondo

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. Hi,I would like to learn more about these tiny houses, especially if they can be put into city zoned areas. I would like to know the costs involved as well. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Thank you,
    Sheila Sewell


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