Sustainable AVAVA Systems as Tiny Houses

What first began as an art project at Burning Man 2006 (the Sugar Cube) is now becoming another option for an efficient tiny house. AVAVA Systems, a San Francisco company, engineers buildings for the future that are simple yet beautiful.


The AVAVA prefab Britespace house was built in a factory in California with essentially no waste. The design uses a joist lock system that is made to be affordable and low impact while still being easy to customize. The construction time of the Britespace was also cut in half by more than 50 percent because it does not have a large concrete foundation.



The house is made from locally sourced materials and can be assembled in about four to six weeks. Three models are currently available: the AVAVA 264 is 22×12 feet, the AVAVA 352 is 22×16 feet, and the AVAVA 480 is 24×20 feet. All can have optional decks.


The sustainable design includes a 1.6kw-3.2kw solar system, a mini split heat pump and AC unit, a Stiebel Eltron water heater and super insulated wall systems. Options include a Gull Industries solar water heater and a Trojan Battery Pack or Tesla Powerwall.


The cost of the AVAVA will depend on the model and options you choose. Delivery of the system is free within the Bay Area, but AVAVA will ship anywhere in the Western U.S. at cost.

Photos by AVAVA Systems

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

6 thoughts on “Sustainable AVAVA Systems as Tiny Houses”

  1. beautiful tiny home. But looking at their website they’re charging $327 per square foot for the base model 264. And $550 per square foot with upgrades! That’s between $80k and $146k for a 264 sq ft room that still needs land and site work.

    These types of things are lovely, but they’re more expensive than most people could ever afford. This is essentially a guest house for 1%ers who want to add a structure to their backyard.

  2. Thanks for comments everyone!

    This customer did not want a stove or oven. We have another floor plan with a larger kitchen that has both of these included. Check out our website for more info and pics of the bathroom!

    In many urban areas such as San Francisco, New York and Washington DC the price to have a home like this built would well exceed $150K. Many builders in these area charging $600+ per sq ft for this type of new construction. It takes them several months do it also. When customers get comparable bids we are usually about 10% less and about 5 times faster. As we increase production, we will be able to get this price down even further. The installation price also goes down in areas with less expensive builder rates. Thanks again for the feedback!


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