Sunhouse Modern Prefab Includes Finnish Sauna

Because of their contemporary lines, prefab homes and Scandinavian design go very well together. The Finnish architecture company, Sunhouse Modern Prefab Homes, designs and manufactures contemporary prefab homes that not only bring in the sunshine, but also traditional Finnish culture.

The Slimline 170/171 has a contemporary feel and sleek design.

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Sunhouse offers three main collections as well as a series of custom homes. The smallest of the designs is the Slimline House 170/171. This 538 square foot home is sleek and narrow in order to fit snugly into its surroundings, yet still retains all necessary living spaces. The home might also be beneficial for buyers who don’t want to deal with ladders or stairs.

The S170 does not have a sauna option; the S171 does have a sauna next to the shower.


The concept of the Slimline is that from a distance the home is difficult to spot, but once you are inside, nature shines in through the numerous, large windows. You can see more of the prototype house from this Sunhouse video.

The Slimline’s covered deck can be designed in several ways.


The main interior space includes living, dining and kitchen areas.


The home includes a spacious living room and kitchen combo with the bedroom tucked behind a divider in the kitchen. It also includes a large, covered terrace with an outdoor fireplace and sink. The bathroom of the S171 includes a sauna (the designers are Finnish after all) that can be accessed directly from the shower.

Numerous windows bring in the sunshine.


Designed by Kalle Oikari and his wife Inga and built from wood, the Sunhouse has a pre-cut system that is processed at the factory and delivered to the home site. Since the homes come from cold and snowy Finland, all the Sunhouse homes can handle heavy snow loads and extreme temperature changes.

The prefab home can be delivered anywhere in the world.


The Slimline 171 home costs about $42,700 and can be delivered around the world. Delivery costs will depend on your location.


Photos by Sunhouse Modern Prefab Homes

By Christina Nellemann for [Tiny House Blog]

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