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Vina Lustado’s New Prefab is Fire Resistant

Sol Haus Design owner and designer, Vina Lustado made waves with her sustainable tiny house way back in 2013. She has since build similar light and airy homes for clients around the country.

The latest home from Sol Haus Design is a prefab home placed on a foundation.

Her latest prototype is a 260 square foot prefab modular unit built in a factory and shipped to your chosen location. Each unit is placed on a permanent foundation and connected to local utilities. These little homes can be used as an ADU, office space, or guesthouse.

The home includes a ground floor bedroom and a great room.

Each home only takes three months to complete and they come with appliances and built-in cabinets. Mini spit units for heating and cooling are included as well as tankless water heaters. In addition, Lustado sticks to her eco friendly guns and uses water saving faucets, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and no VOC in the paint and finishes.

The home is eco-friendly and good for owners with chemical sensitivities.

Since the homes are built and primarily approved for use in California, the homes are also built with wildfires in mind. The exterior is made of fire-resistant materials such as a standing seam metal roof and cement board panel siding. These materials also make the home resistant to earthquakes and extreme weather patterns.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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