Dynamic Homes Tiny Houses Have Optional 2nd Bedrooms

Minnesota-based Dynamic Homes has been building custom, traditional homes for nearly 50 years. Their company has recently started a tiny house division with two park model designs that can be placed onto any approved lot. Dynamic Homes uses advanced engineering techniques in a climate-controlled environment to build their homes. Each house has greater energy efficiency and reduced heating costs.

Dynamic Homes has two tiny house models currently available.

Each house, like The Morgan, is built in a climate-controlled environment.

The two current models are The Morgan and The Wolfe. The Morgan has a contemporary look with a shed roof and plenty of windows. The main room features a kitchen, a wood stove and two convenient entry doors. The bedroom and the bathroom are opposite from each other across the living room. The Morgan has a covered deck by the bathroom, but it can be turned into an optional second bedroom.

The Morgan’s kitchen has an option for smart lighting and appliances.

Each home has one bedroom with an option for a second bedroom.

The Wolfe also has a front door access by a covered porch and a second bedroom can be added next to the original master bedroom. The Wolfe has an open living space with a kitchen and work island. Each of the homes have space for a washer and dryer as well as plenty of storage. In each of the models, lighting and appliances can be set up with Smart Home technology.

The Wolfe has a park model style with a full kitchen.

Each model has a full bathroom and washer and dryer space.

Each of the homes are built from top quality lumber and have 30-year warranty roof shingles and energy-efficient doors and windows. The exterior walls are 2×6 and are rated the highest energy efficient ratio under Minnesota Power’s Triple E Program. Dynamic Homes also builds commercial buildings and homes for tribal communities.

Photos by Dynamic Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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