Russ-Stick Farm Tiny Houses

Russ and Sherry may be familiar to anyone who reads the farming magazine and blog, Grit. The Michigan couple are known for the Russ-Stick Ramblings column which was named after their 40 acre Russ-Stick Acres farm where they live with their Alaskan and Siberian sled dogs in a small cordwood house named the Wee House. The 300 square foot Wee House has been their home for several years, but after last season’s harsh winter is due for a makeover, which they will cover in their blog.

The Wee House in winter

Along with the Wee House, Russ and Sherry have an outhouse called the Wee Wee House, a summer kitchen, a meditation house named the Trapper, a guest house named the Bear’s Den and a small pump house—all built by Russ. All the homes are heated by wood stoves and The Bear’s Den is available for rent during winter months for $45 per night.

Russ, one of his goats and the Trapper house
The Bear’s Den

Russ plans to extend the Wee House to include an underground portion and even some space for their chickens and rabbits, who live on the farm with the couple’s lambs, horses, Silver Fox rabbits, goats, cows and pigs. Russ-Stick Acres also produces maple syrup, firewood and Amish made products including jams, rugs, bird houses and quilts. Their Grit column cover everything from animal husbandry to country recipes.

bears-den-winter russ-stick-trapperruss-stick-trapper2

wee-wee-house  russ-stick-farm2 russ-stick-farm1


Photos courtesy of Russ-Stick Acres

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. I loved the pics! The one with your hands raised in front of a field of color says it all…to me it says…This life of simplicity is not just sufficient for me but it is overwhelmingly satisfying in every way. God’s glory is expressed through the paintbrush of color before you that day.
    I chose the simple life Sept. 30th when I lost my lease on 200 acres. I bought a little land and lived in a tent and now a 6×14 piece of a Tack Room while I build my 300 sq. ft. cabin… rather than let go of my dream, my horses and my horse boarders.
    Happy Trails Ya’ll,


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