Solidbud’s Tiny Houses in Ukraine

Unless you are in the middle of a war, there is no way you can understand what the people of Ukraine are now facing. People all over the world are getting an up-front view of invasion and the strong people of this independent nation.

Solidbud is located in the Rivne region of Ukraine.

Solidbud tiny house
Photos by Solidbud

I wanted to profile just one of the many companies in Ukraine that has embraced the tiny house lifestyle just like other countries around the world. Solidbud is a traditional frame house builder, but also produces beautiful tiny, mobile, and manufactured homes on wheels.

The tiny homes are built in a technologically advanced production facility.

Solidbud tiny house

Located in the Rivne region, Solidbud homes have been shipped all around Europe. The company uses a technologically advanced production process that includes antiseptic immersion and very little waste. In addition, these homes can also be completed in about three to five weeks.

The homes have been delivered all around Europe.

Solidbud tiny house delivery

Solidbud tiny house being towed

Each design can also be created with a unique look for each buyer. The exteriors feature wood siding and beautiful details such as round windows and arched roofs.

Interiors feature unique staircases and storage options.

Solidbud tiny house open space

Solidbud interiors can be open and airy or cozy and warm. Experimental staircases save space and lofts include full skylights for gazing at the stars.

The homes are designed to be as unique as each of the owners.

Solidbud tiny house living rooms

I hope and pray for a peaceful resolution for Ukraine so other companies like Solidbud can bring their beautiful designs to other tiny house lovers around the world.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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