Dee Williams on Peak Moment

Tiny House heroine, Dee Williams, was recently interviewed by Peak Moment, the online program that features people who choose to live simply during these challenging times. In the video, Dee discusses how she built her famous tiny house, the catalyst that made her want to downsize, her challenges and regrets when building and trying to locate the house, and how her tiny life has actually expanded and strengthened her sense of community.

Peak Moment is an online television series featuring people creating resilient communities for a more sustainable, lower-energy future. Programs range from permaculture farms to electric bikes, ecovillages to car-sharing, emergency preparedness to careers for the coming times. As of May 2010, over 170 half-hour programs are available online.


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. This was an inspiring story. Sometimes the thought of actually going through with my build next year is intimidating – but as Dee says here, the main thing is to say “I’m gonna do it” and follow through.


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