Tiny Floating Homes: ASANTE

Back when Peter and I first started talking about buying a boat I would come home from work every evening and spend countless hours scouring the internet for all the advice I could get. I would look at boats for sale and I would indulge in the dreamy sailing photos on Pinterest. It wasn’t long before I stumbled on a series of pins bookmarking Sailing and Cruising Blogs. Blogs? I had no idea what a blog even was at that point.

Boy was I in trouble.  The next few months I probably didn’t sleep more than a couple hours every night. I found dozens of blogs about people who had sold everything, quit their jobs and sailed off into the sunset. I was most intrigued by the blogs I found about young families about my age that were living in these tiny floating homes with small children. On a boat. In the ocean. And they were having the time of their lives!! After spending a few weeks with my new hobby, I had a pretty good grasp on who the biggest cruising bloggers were at the time. If you know anything about sailing and cruising blogs, chances are you’ve heard of WINDTRAVELER. Brittany is the mastermind behind this incredible blog which began with her writing about her travels with her husband Scott. Eventually they had a darling little girl, Isla. Their first boat was perfect for two, but with a baby on board they wanted something just a little bigger. Brittany and Scott found a Brewer 44 and set out to keep cruising aboard their new boat, Asante. After they had everything dialed with their boat baby, they got pregnant again and had twins! Led by a passion for adventure and sailing, they made the decision to return to their tiny floating home with ‘three under three’ in the Virgin Islands.

With a little nudge on my part, she recently posted a great article and photo tour of their boat. To get the full effect, you’ve got to let her walk you through and tell you about each individual space in her post >>HERE<<. It’s definitely worth reading, though I’m a huge fan of everything she writes.

If you prefer to just glance at the pretty pictures, keep scrolling down. Believe it or not but Asante actually has an almost identical layout to my boat, just slightly different. In this same space she’s got three babies and I’ve got two dogs. I’d say we’re making the most of this boat design 😉


boattwinroom1 boattwinroomcol boatforwardheadcol boatsalon1 boatsaloncol boatgalley2 boatgalley1   boatnavstation boatwalkthrucolislabed   boatinteriormaster1 boatmastercabincol boataftheadcol

Just this year I finally had the opportunity to meet Brittany and her family in person and they have since become some of our closest friends out here in the big blue.

If you’d like to find out more about them, visit windtraveler.net or follow them on facebook!

(All photos published with permission, courtesy of windtraveler.net)

By Jody Pountain for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. An icemake and a Quooker – instant cold drinks and instant hot drinks. We can comfortably sail just about anywhere with these two luxuries!

  2. An icemaker and a Quooker – instant cold drinks and instant hot drinks. We can comfortably sail just about anywhere with these two luxuries!


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