Nestea’s Tiny “Less is More” House

Several well-known companies like Behr and 84 Lumber have already created their own tiny house designs for marketing purposes or contests. Now, another long time corporation has come up with tiny house to feature some refreshing drinks.

The Nestea tiny house has a roomy loft and plenty of space for tours.

The Nestea tiny house is advertising that Less is More with not only homes, but with their products as well. The house is 200 square feet and includes a sleeping loft, a living area with a built-in couch, a tiny dining table, full stairs and a bright kitchen. The tiny bathroom is access through a sliding barn door and features a shower, sink and toilet.

The living area has a drop down table and a couch that turns into a lounger.


The house also features some simple space-saving ideas. The dining table folds down to conserve space and the couch turns into a lounger. In the kitchen, the cutting board is located above the trash can to make cleanup easier. The house also has AC and heat and is painted bright white and tea leaf green.

The tiny bathroom has a sliding barn door.


Nestea’s Less is More tiny house emphasizes a more simple way of life…

The house was designed and built by New York-based KCC Design + Build, LLC. The company consists of husband and wife team Erik and Chrissy Kopplin. Their company specializes in residential and commercial projects on both New York and California.

…but doesn’t forget the full-length closet.

Nestea’s mobile tiny house is currently on tour and is open to view while visitors sample a new line of natural tea beverages. The company’s brewed ice teas are made with tea, real sugar or stevia, water, rooibos and citric acid.


Photos by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for NESTEA

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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warren trout - July 24, 2017 Reply

What with the ever present 4 burner range? How many people will possibly need more than a 2 burner cooktop and a microwave?

Save the space for a dishwasher.

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