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Peter’s Concrete Block Dome

Peter Roberts has been building a unique dome structure in the woods and is sharing it with us. I discovered Peter when he posted a picture on the Tiny House Blog’s Facebook page.

Peter’s inspiration came from throwing giant pots. Peter was throwing large pots, and they became architectural, it prompted him to investigate ceramic houses, this led to the masonry system you see in these pictures.

Peter graduated from the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University with a degree in Masonry Science.  Peter combined his experiences in Fine Art and Ceramic Engineering.  This masonry system was identified as a Cutting Edge Technology by the American Concrete Institute.  These blocks can be made on any production block machine, either Besser or Columbia.

Peter has also worked with the Vocational School of Masonry at Alfred State College, located in Wellsville, NY.

These are some details of a masonry cupola Peter is building atop a concrete block dome.  The cupola will have a glass block dome on top of it.  The cupola weighs over 6 tons, indicating the strength of the concrete block dome.

Here’s an interior view of the block dome, with cupola being built in center.

Interior view of one of the domes.  Loft is arranged as a yin yang between loft and negative space, keeps a sense of openness.

These domes are in the forest, and Peter get lots of wildlife.  One night a bear tried to enter, you can see what he did to the door.

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