Cheeky Monkey Tiny Homes Ready for Southern California Rush

Acceptance of the tiny house movement is quickly moving through Southern California. With the approval of both ADUs and movable tiny homes in backyards in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and in Santa Clara County, tiny home shoppers are on the lookout.

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Homes is based in Palm Springs, California.

Photos courtesy of Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses

Randy Woodman, owner of Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses in Palm Springs, Calif. is ramping up the production of his line of tiny homes in time for the influx of interest. Woodman currently offers three models of THOW. The Strawberry and Jude are 28 foot long models that range between $54,000 and $59,000. The 20-foot Penny model is around $45,900.

Each of the models have large sleeping lofts.

In addition to lofts, all the models also have main floor bedrooms that can fit a queen bed. Even the tiny 170 square foot Penny! Both the 310 square foot Jude and the 258 square foot Strawberry also have main floor bedrooms that can fit a queen bed. The main floors also include a full kitchen, good sized bathrooms with an option for dual sinks, and pull out couches in the living area.

They also have full kitchens and main floor bedrooms.

Other features for all the models include Furrion cooktops, butcher block counters, fire alarms, full light front doors, interior pocket doors, and even tiny laundry rooms.

Butcher block is used for the kitchen countertops.

Cheeky Monkey offers information on the current Southern California building codes for ADU and movable tiny homes. The company also offers 15-year loans and assistance with down payments. Cheeky Monkey also ships homes to all parts of the country.

The bathrooms have an option for dual sinks.

Woodman is in partnership with Sierra Tiny Houses, a Northern California company that also features tiny homes with main floor bedrooms.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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