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Is Free Tiny Home Content Really That Dangerous?

We got a doozy for you all today. I invited 2 distinguished tiny home Godfathers on the channel to weigh in on the all-to-well-known Arm Chair Expert and why these type of people are so dangerous within the tiny home community. Watch the video interview here. https://youtu.be/CIjyMzwFTxA What is an armchair expert you may ask? […]

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Playhouse and Food Cart Tiny House Conversions

tiny house conversions

Welcome back to Michelle (MJ) Boyle’s enchanting My Tiny House Village for tours of her largest and smallest rentals. Both tiny house conversions are completely transformed from their original form.  Michelle transformed a long-time pancake food cart into a charming wine-themed tiny house with a downstairs sleeping area with a single bunk artfully tucked at […]

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