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From a $5k Tiny Cabin to a Not-So Tiny Home

Natalie built a tiny cabin for $5k, then over time, added on as her family grew. It’s a wonderful example of how a tiny home, especially if built in a permanent location, can evolve with you as your needs change. Impressively, this DIY house showcases thoughtful small space design ideas, passive solar techniques, and permaculture … Read more

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Hale for the Ohana

Hale Ulu

Like other historical homes around the world, the homes of Hawai’i were traditionally very small. The hale (pronounced HAH-lay) were the structures built by 19th century Hawai’i islanders and were made of local wood and topped with bundles of pili grass to protect it from the rains. A traditional hale at the Limahuli Tropical Botanical … Read more

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