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Solo Stove Campfire First Burn

Camping in Central Oregon

I’ve reviewed a couple of Solo Stove products in the past. The Solo Stove Lite and the Solo Stove Bonfire. Each has a totally different purpose. One for cooking (Lite)  and one for recreation (Bonfire firepit). With the wildfires and natural disasters increasing I’ve been drawn more and more to thinking about what would happen […]

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From DIY Van to a DIY Cabin in Woods

For anyone who dreams of moving into a tiny cabin in the woods, but feels they can’t do it without a sudden inheritance, should watch the YouTube videos by Hannah Lee Duggan. Content creator Hannah Lee Duggan recently purchased two cabins on 15 wooded acres. Hannah, a former model, content creator, and online clothing shop […]

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Tiny House Heating: Electric Fireplaces vs Wood Stoves

Who doesn’t love the charm of wood stoves? But electric fireplaces may be a better option for tiny homes. Read on for a comparison of the pros and cons. Now that fireplaces have become more appealing to homeowners, the demand for cheaper and efficient alternatives have also increased in demand. In 2017, the National Association of […]

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6 Heated Water Hose Benefits for Tiny Homes

Time for tiny home winter prep is here. Have you struggled with a hose that freezes every winter? Consider adding a heated water hose to your cold-weather toolset.  If you use a hose to water plants or general household use, it can be super-frustrating whenever it freezes. In order to avoid this annoyance, a heated […]

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