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Tiny Floating Homes: ASANTE

Back when Peter and I first started talking about buying a boat I would come home from work every evening and spend countless hours scouring the internet for all the advice I could get. I would look at boats for sale and I would indulge in the dreamy sailing photos on Pinterest. It wasn’t long before I stumbled on […]

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Dream Tiny

“Live Simple, Dream Big,” “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” It’s sayings like these that are engrained into our minds from a very young age and suffocatingly follow us through the rest of our lives. Our parents love us so much that they want us to succeed to the fullest. Be […]

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High and Dry

Everyone knows that BOAT stands for bust out another thousand. While this is true to some degree, not everything on a boat costs that much. There are, however, some critical maintenance items that must be done on a regular basis to keep vessels in top working condition. Owning a boat is a labor of love. […]

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