Blog - Part 5

Downsizing Your Stress: How to Manage Creative Energy When Designing a Tiny House

tiny house design

Tiny house living is attractive for a variety of reasons, from affordability to environmental stewardship, greater self-sufficiency, and a reduced-stress lifestyle. For many aspiring homeowners, the creative potential of tiny house living is another attractive selling point. When designing a tiny house, the sky’s the limit, and you have a nearly infinite amount of choices … Read more

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Tiny House Variety

Travis Burke tiny house

Variety is what initially drew me to the tiny house movement when I started publishing the Tiny House Blog in 2007. It still applies as we publish issue 112 of the Tiny House Magazine. In this issue, we cover the DIY process of building your own tiny house. Even if your confidence and experience are … Read more

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Living Safely in a House of Steel

When everything that has to do with real estate is off the charts, thinking way outside the proverbial square box is necessary. How about going with an arch? An arched steel building is a future home against wind and wildfires. The other night I re-watched one of my long-time favorite movies. “Wind” is a fictional … Read more

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