Jacqueline’s Minty Turd

My tiny is a work in progress. Meet “The Minty Turd”, and yes, I know, it’s a terrible name, but when I’ve got it to where I want it, the name will fade away. Meanwhile, it’s pretty appropriate. My soon to be fully lived in tiny house is a 1954 Michigan Arrow, built by the […]

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There’s A First Time For Everything With Eric Goranson

We’ve never had an on-air personality on the show. Maybe we should do it more often. Eric Goranson, host of the West Coast home radio show called Around The House With Eric G. Michelle was a guest on his radio show recently and so we thought: “Let’s turn the tables.” We didn’t know what was […]

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Living Tiny With Teens

My husband (Andrew), son (Paiute, 19), daughter (Terra, 15) and I all live on five acres in the beautiful hillsides of Ashland, OR. Our primary residence is “hOMe”, our 207sf (+110sf in lofts) modern tiny house on wheels. In hOMe we cook meals together, eat, hang out, play games, and watch movies. Terra does most of her […]

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