Could you live in a 96-square-foot apartment?

Japanese apartments (especially those in larger cities such as Tokyo) have always been small, but they are getting even more miniature every day.

You know an apartment is small when you can get the entire place into one photo.

The Japan Times

The latest rage in Tokyo are the Spilytus apartments. These 96-square-foot spaces feature a lot less than what you will find in some extra tiny homes. Known as “three-mat rooms” the main room can fit three standard tatami mats. This is just enough room for maybe a desk, a twin bed and maybe a chair. Kitchens are usually non-existent, but a dorm fridge or induction burner could be added.

Even IKEA has gotten in on the rage. IKEA Japan offers these mini apartments for rent.

IKEA Japan

However, there is a sleeping loft that can fit a twin or full bed. These are accessed by a ladder and can be used for either sleeping or as a lounge/TV watching space. 

What is great about these little apartments is that they still bring in Japanese culture and aesthetics. There is still a genkan, or shoes-off place, where Japanese people and their guests leave their shoes. Bathing is important in the Japanese culture and the bathrooms are usually a single unit that includes a toilet and shower in one space—similar to an RV wet bath.

If you are lucky with your 96-square-foot apartment choice, a large window or tiny balcony might be included for some access to the outdoors and city life.

These apartments have become so popular because of their prices. In a city where space is at a premium, these little spaces can rent for around $350 to $630 per month. This is about 75 percent less than the price for an average two-bedroom apartment in the city.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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