Tiny House Magazine Issue 20

Tiny House Magazine Issue 20

Tiny House Magazine Issue 20 is here and it sports a new look and a new attitude. Showing off the best in micro, tiny, small, and unconventional homes, Tiny House Magazine is an excellent publication and you should check this issue out!

Articles in this issue range from life in a backpack to a town sending out an invitation for a tiny house community.

Regular contributor Kirsten Dirksen gives readers a tour of a tiny house made of wood and mud with a living roof. Guest Jess Belhumeur provides a walk through of what it is like to move a tiny house and the challenges that come with it. Gabriella Morrison of hOMe continues her article on different options for cooling your tiny house while “Snowmad” Kristen Snow prepares tiny housers for finding WiFi and connectivity on the road.

This issue is one you won’t want to miss out on and one you can purchase and read by clicking here and ordering your PDF, Android, or iOS copy today!

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