Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

Tiny House Magazine Issue 19 is available and ready for you to read and enjoy. Andrew Odom says:

The tiny house movement is interesting in that many think it started just a dozen years ago or so with a man, his rented U-Haul, and a vision turned reality. Truth is it began almost the moment human beings came in to existence. 

If you follow the tiny house ethos of need–vs-want as I do and a blatant disregard for consumerism and ostentatiousness then the tiny house movement has been around forever. From cave dwellings to huts to tee-pees to cottages and everything in between the tiny house movement is a beautiful melting pot of legacies, heritages, people groups, ideas, and innovations. This month Tiny House Magazine shows just that.

I finally put pen to paper to really express the rich history of tiny houses as seen in Southern dwellings in Shotgun Chic. 

Scholar Audra Odom talks about small houses and accommodating housing in Great Britain that have found their way stateside. 

Tiny House Builder and Marketing Strategist Ryan Harris discusses Overcoming Obstacles in his article of the same name which takes a look at why some choose to build and why some choose to just stay a dreamer.

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Tiny House Magazine Issue 19

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