Tiny House Expedition Radio, Episode 1

On the Road and In Community

with Alexis & Christian

Tiny House Expedition Radio brings you the latest in tiny house movement news and happenings, broadcast live from inside a tiny house.  This is more than a radio show; it’s an interactive grassroots conversation about the tiny house movement, led by those who know it best, tiny housers. Hosted by Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition. Produced by tiny houser and radio station owner, Mark David Smith.

Episode One introduces you to the team behind Tiny House Expedition Radio. Including the story of Mark’s DIY build and DIY certification via Pacific West. At 61 years young, Mark built his tiny home, by himself, in only six months!

Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition

Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition

Tiny House Expedition Radio producer, Mark David Smith's tiny home

Tiny House Expedition Radio producer, Mark David Smith’s tiny home

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Visiting Community First! Village in Austin, TX

Visiting Community First! Village in Austin, TX

We’re on an epic tiny house road trip across North America, exploring the new frontier of this dynamic housing + social movement. Along the way, we are visiting diverse tiny house community projects and meeting many tiny house pioneers, of all kinds.

Visting Llamalopolis in downtown Vegas

Visting Llamalopolis in downtown Vegas

Tiny House Expedition Radio airs weekly at 4:30 pm CST, bringing you in-depth discussions on all things tiny. All episodes will also be available online, after live broadcast.

Special Guests to be Featured:

  • Tiny housers, including DIY’ers, off-griders, tiny house community member, families couples, singles, etc.
  • Tiny house movement thought leaders & advocates
  • Tiny house community builders
  • Industry experts, including tiny house builders and designers
  • Planning and zoning officials
  • And more!

You can join the conversation via a live chat room, starting 8/25!

Stay tuned for Episode 2: Turning Tiny with Darin Zaruba and Frieda Bakker

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