Skoolies and the Tiny House Magazine
May 19, 2015

Skoolies and the Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Magazine Issue 29

This month’s magazine is a special edition exploring school buses converted into tiny houses.

Retired buses, rescued from the sidelines, are each given a special design and new color as seen by the new owner.

Jeremy Arndt says that: “When we were in the planning phases for our new tiny home, one of the biggest criteria was that it was mobile and drivable under its own power. In essence, we wanted a tiny home, but also wanted an RV to suit our needs and mobile lifestyle.”

Nina Nelson in her interview states: “There are a few reactions I get when people find out we lived in skoolie for a year with four kids. They range from jaws dropping and eyes widening in shock because it’s the craziest thing anyone’s ever heard of.”

Kelly Ross of Just Right Bus says: “When we bought the bus in March 2013 we had to remove all of the paraphernalia that made it look like a school bus. This included the stop sign, the bar the swings out from the front and the lettering on the outside. We roughly sanded off the words and put a spray of metal primer on top to prevent rust and this is how our Petunia looked for about a year.”

These stories and much more are included in this issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

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