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Tiny Homes as Extra (Portland Backyard) Rooms

These days, having just a little bit of extra space is a goldmine. Whether that space is used as a guest room, office, kid zone, or meditation space, these spaces can be sometimes difficult to come by in a traditional home. Especially some of the older homes dotted around Portland, Ore.

Need an extra room? Rent one for a night or a month.

Room + Wheel just might have the solution. This company has built small yet cozy rooms on wheels that can be rented and placed into a backyard for nightly or monthly rentals. They can accommodate extra guests, a workspace, or just be used for a weekend staycation.

Room + Wheel offers two rental options, The Basic and The Deluxe.

The rooms come in two sizes: The Basic and the Deluxe. The Basic costs $55 per night and is just under 60 square feet. Custom furniture can be added for whatever purpose you are using it for. The Basic includes electrical but not plumbing. The Deluxe costs $75 per night and is around 97 square feet. It does include plumbing and a compost toilet and like The Basic, furniture can be customized for guests or work.

The rooms can be set up with beds, lounge furniture, or as a workspace.

Room + Wheel rooms are built with products from the Pacific Northwest and feature traditional wood framing. The styles are simple, but each room is insulated and ready for all types of weather. Before delivery, each room is sanitized and made safe for every renter.

Learn more about Room + Wheel on their website and visit their FAQ page for more information.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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