$60,000 DADU for Seattle Backyards Designed by All-Female Team

If you live in Seattle, Washington, you are very much aware of the quickly increasing affordability issues of the city. However, you may not be aware that the Office of Planning and Development recently launched the ADUniverse website with information and plans on how to build a permitted ADU or DADU in a Seattle backyard.

The DADU by Central Collective can be built in about two weeks.

An ADU (Accessory dwelling unit) is a small, secondary living unit allowed in residential areas. ADUs are usually built onto an existing structure such as a basement or a garage. For some extra privacy, the DADU (detached ADU) is a backyard cottage on a foundation.

The ADUniverse website features a series of pre-approved DADUs available for the Seattle area. One submission (in the pre-approval process) that pops out is a DADU by Central Collective. The firm is run by three women who specialize in architecture, urban planning, and landscape design.

The home features a 16-foot A-frame roof.

Their DADU is an affordable $60,000 design that can be completed in two weeks and moved to another location if necessary. It features an A-frame design, SIP wall panels, and an open living/cooking space. The bathroom is tucked into the rear of the building and the open loft takes advantage of the sharply pitched roof.

The interior has a living/cooking space, sleeping loft, and small bathroom.

The little home is perched on a post in pier construction that allows it to be adapted for uneven surfaces. This is convenient for a city that is built on a hilly landscape. The $60,000 price tag is the starter price for the 350 square foot version of the home. The units are available in a 420 square foot and 490 square foot for an extra cost.

The DADU features lightweight materials and built-in cabinets.

The DADU is just one of the Central Collective’s designs. If you want to see some of their other innovative and interesting designs, check out the sauna they designed for a client using only reclaimed materials and their Peruvian “Cloud Catchers”.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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