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May 4, 2020

California Modulars Build Custom ADUs for NorCal Backyards

These days it’s even more important for people to find an  affordable place to live, especially in California. With tiny house and ADU restrictions lifting all over the state, even more companies are offering ADU building services.

California Modulars builds ADUs in a range of square footage and floor plans.

One of these companies is California Modulars. Located in Silicon Valley, California Modulars builds each unit in a climate controlled location. They use efficient building and engineering practices such as Optimal Value Engineering which reduces the amount of lumber and building supplies. Their website states that even on a lot with about 324 square feet of space, they can build one of their ADUs.

Each of their homes come delivered as fully constructed units or as shells. The company offers 17 different styles, but their Mini Units are the smallest. The Tuscany is 576 square feet with two bedrooms, the Verona is 400 square feet with one bedroom and a sleeping loft, and the Palermo is 400 square feet with a Murphy bed and open floor plan. They also offer two small custom designs, the 120 square foot Venice unit and the 400 square foot Amalfi unit.

The Tuscany has an option for two bedrooms.

The Verona has a main floor bedroom and sleeping loft.

Currently California Modulars only ships to locations in Northern California. Their pricing is about $360 per square foot with all the finishings including decks, excavation and even driveways. The website has a price builder for each unit that will give the approximate cost.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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