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5 Best Tiny Backyard Offices

Anyone who works from any sized home knows that the work gets done better and faster when distractions are kept at bay. Guest bedrooms and the corners of living rooms will do in a pinch, but having a whole separate, insulated building in a backyard dedicated to work is probably the dream “corner” office.

Working from home is a lot easier with a tiny backyard office.

The good thing is that these spaces don’t have to be huge. As long as you have space for a desk, some storage or shelving, electrical hookups, and a window or two, you can have an ideal space to crank out projects or work remotely. Other amenities can be added later on such as fridges or armchair for a quick creative session (or a nap).

Offices can take many forms: from contemporary to even a tiny trailer.

These five tiny offices are made to fit into a backyard and are separated into different designs that fit different work styles and budgets. The best thing is that the commute time to each of them is about…oh…30 seconds.

1. Classic or contemporary designs

Based in Texas, Backyard Office has both classic and contemporary designs to choose from for their simple workspaces. Each model is professionally installed by the company on a foundation. Even HVAC systems can be installed into each unit.

2. Smart office

The WorkPod by Europe-based Ecospace is an ergonomically designed workspace for one person. Generally it can be installed in about five days and features underfloor heating. Each WorkPod also comes fully complete with all necessary office technology.

3. Affordable office

Don’t lie. Anyone who has looked at a Tuff Shed has envisioned it becoming a tiny house. Actually the Tuff Shed company will work with customers who want to turn one into a tiny office. Check out the home office built from a ranch style Tuff Shed. These sheds can start at around $3,000 for the initial build and be customized as an office for an additional cost.

4. Alternative office

If you don’t feel the need to have an actual building as an office, what about turning a camper or trailer into a workspace? This is what Holly of Fern the Camper does. She works as a writer and YouTuber out of her Happier Camper HC1 in her driveway. These workspaces on wheels can be connected to house power with an extension cord. Best of all, the doors can be locked.

5. CEO’s office

If any company builds dream backyard offices, it’s Modern-Shed. They offer beautiful, contemporary sheds in many different sizes and configurations. Each design can be customized per the customer’s needs and backyard landscape. Colors and interior and exterior details can also be customized. Modern-Shed also understands the benefits of working from home.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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