Mushroom Dome Cabin

Mushroom Dome Cabin


My husband and I have been utilizing the services of Airbnb for several of this year’s trips (New Orleans and Chile) and we’ve been very pleased with the ease and rental opportunities offered by the company. Airbnb is an online booking service that allows property owners to rent out their home or a room to travelers and it allows travelers to stay in unique places around the world. I was curious about the most popular rental location on Airbnb and was surprised to see that it was a beautiful tiny house shaped like a mushroom.

The Mushroom Dome Cabin in Aptos, California is rated as the number one listing on and consists of a semi-rustic cabin under a geodesic dome surrounded by oak, redwood and madrone trees. The cabin has a double bed located in the loft, an LCD screen with DVD player, a small deck, a couch, a small hot plate, refrigerator, toaster oven, blender and other kitchen supplies. The cabin has a tiny bathroom and shower. The owners provide clean linens and soap. Depending on the time of year, length of stay and amount of people, prices for the Mushroom Dome are about $90 per night and about $600 per week.

Photos courtesy of airbnb and Mushroom Dome Cabin


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]


  1. It’s really nice looking on the inside, and larger/roomier than I expected from that outside photo.

    That dome roof sure gives the loft more head room, neat idea.

    • I agree; very kewl. I wonder what it would look like with a cylindrical base and a full geodesic dome on top…? This tiny house looks very livable over a long term. I bet it sounds terrific when it rains! 😀

    • I agree Angie…this place is way nicer on the inside than I had expected! I would definitely stay there if I wasn’t all the way over on the east coast…

  2. Cute. They probably want to fix the leaky roof, though. At least they could replace the stained cieling fabric @ $100/night

  3. Re: stains/leaks…wonder if that’s why they filled in the former skylights with plywood?

    Cute place, and nice touches and setting, but I think it’d look disappointing once you walked in.

  4. Part of the reason for the high price is the location. Aptos is an expensive beach town and other rentals there go for a lot higher. Granted, they’re also a lot bigger, but I would say this one is comparably priced, considering its size.

  5. The interior looks SO MUCH MORE ROOMY than the outside suggests! I would LOVE something like this, even the ladder-type ‘stairs’ would be something I’d suffer willingly… lol. 😉

  6. I’ve stayed there around a year ago. And yes, I agree, the stained ceiling is off-putting. They are also trying to ramp up the composting toilet system to handle constant guests. The odor told me they aren’t quite there yet.
    But the kitchen is sweet. The redwood grove is awesome. The owner keeps goats that are charming. The owner is charming as well.
    It’s worth a one night stay just to check out a tiny dome.

  7. I’m not a fan of using someone else’s bathroom/shower/bed. This is why I’d rather take my vardo or tiny house with me to the beach (save on the rental, too.)

  8. I have been trying to book the mushroom cabin for the past three days with airbnb and can’t get the booking website to work. Can anyone help me out? Has any one else had this problem?