The T@B Trailer

by Christina Nellemann on November 17th, 2008. 34 Comments
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After doing a post on teardrop and vintage trailers a few weeks back I thought I would do a post on the ultra-modern T@B. Since it was introduced a few years ago, the T@B trailer by Thor Industries has exploded as a popular alternative to a larger, heavier travel trailer.

The T@B is known for its European design, styling and lightweight construction. They are about 16 ft long and can be purchased for between $9,000 and $20,000. The full trailer stands at 7 ft 9 inches and the interior height is 5 ft 9 inches. It weighs under 2,000 lbs unloaded.

Courtesy of Wanderful

Courtesy of Chris Dunphy

Courtesy of Chris Dunphy

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

The T@B, which stands for Take America Back, also has all the amenities of a larger travel trailer (heating, air conditioning, fan, sink, refrigerator, stove and storage) but can be pulled with a smaller car and has no need for electronic brake control. The only thing the T@B does not have is a bathroom and shower. A port-a-potty can be installed. The Clamshell T@B even has a kitchen that opens up in the back, like the classic teardrop trailer.

The T@B also includes:

  • Several floor plans
  • Alufiber® construction
  • Surge coupler attached to the hitch
  • Seating area that becomes a 60 x 70 inch bed
  • A covered area for a 20 lb. grill-style LP propane bottle and deep cycle RV battery
  • A 5 gallon fresh water tank and on demand water pump
  • A 25 amp power converter
  • A marine grade amp with removable 20 foot power cord
  • Smoke, propane, and carbon monoxide detectors

The T@B, because of its people friendly design and comfort, could be used for a temporary home or one that is more permanent. I came across several websites of people who live in or take extended trips in their T@Bs. I was specifically interested in the modifications they did to make the their T@B more comfortable and suited to their living needs.

Wanderful: Mark and Katie, and their chihuahua, Mister, decided to leave everything behind and travel across America in their custom T@B

Tabventures: Lynne takes extended trips with her dog, Millie

Chris Dunphy lived in his T@B for two years, before he upgraded to an Oliver

Mike and Trisha Kennedy travel in their T@B

Al’s T@B Mods: A list of T@B modifications

By Christina Nellemann

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

Courtesy of T@B

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34 Responses to “The T@B Trailer”

  1. How cool! They look just like the old ones from the 30′s and 40′s. I have a little portable propane – 120v A/C – 12v DC
    refrigerator that would work great for anyone who has one of these.

  2. Craig says:

    Neat, they remind me of the I-Camp which has a full bathroom but also manages to stay small.

  3. Virginia says:

    I want to move right in! After 27 months in our tiny flat Peace Corps Ukraine, we love the freedom and the coziness of a tiny, well appointed space. I am adding the T@B to my wish-list (Santa are you out there?).

    Life is good…
    In Sunny Santa Fe

  4. I have been impressed by the T@B trailers — having the opportunity to see them at the Pomona RV show the past couple of years. While a little small for my taste, they definitely seem to be both cute and high quality!


  5. We own a 2008 T@b trailer, and we love it.. We have links on our bog to other owners blogs and info about the T@b

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  7. We have a T@B Clamshell. Love it. Small and works great for tailgating.

    Love the galley setup. We love to cook so me gourmet it in our T@B.

    Good luck with yours!


  8. Tim says:

    We love our 2005 T@B. They ARE solid. We have it stored and covered outside in winter– and it ha been rodent proof. Great product!

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  10. [...] reasons…..wade doesn’t want to pull anything behind us (although i desperately want a t@b trailer) , and we don’t have a vehicle to pull it anyway (although i really think the van could pull [...]

  11. Luke says:

    Stumbled across this website tonight. Was quite suprised to see a photo of my 1998 VW Beetle pulling our 2004 T@B. The photo was taken at the Schoharie boat launch in Montgomery County, NY the day that we bought our T@B. You can see the old ruins of the Erie Canal Aquaduct in the backgound.

    • Gail says:

      Hello Luke,

      I was interested in the fact that you towed your T@B with a little VW bug. I have the chance to purchase a T@B but I have a 2009 Nissan Rogue that has a towing capacity of 1000 lbs. I’m afraid the car is not up to the job of towing this little T@B. Do you know the towing capacity of your VW? Have you had any problems?



      • bernard says:

        Gail, we have a2005 T@B and tow it with a VW Jetta, 4 cylinder.(same engine as the VW Bug) and only 115 horse power. No problems at all,a Ferrari it is not, but its certainly ok. Check your owners manual for max towing capacity, ours is limited to 2000lbs are u sure the Rogue is only rated to tow 1000lbs? I believe different states have their own laws regarding towing capacity, but a 4 cylinder Rogue has170 horsepower, more than enough!
        Cheers, Bernard in B.C.

        • Richard says:

          Weight restrictions are not state mandated, They are specific vehicle rated. My Mariner hybrid is rated for 1,500 lbs, and it towed ok, but trasnsmission was winding. It might have done ok without hybrid tranny, but I bought a land rover discovery to be totally safe, so as to be able to load it up and still climb rocks with it. 100 horsies will probably not quite cut it, unless you don’t care about ruining your VW

  12. T@Bs are great! We just started carying them and we couldn’t be more excited! You and your blog readers might like this: “Put it on my T@B” Tee Shirt

  13. Jeff Rollins says:

    Would you believe we we called,ALCO the axle manufacturer for TAB with questions about paking the wheel bearings, they told us to call Germany and oh yeah good luck with that. SOOO.. What do we do about that? Jeff

    • John Ristedt says:

      I had the same problem and found the bearings at a speed shop in Grand Rapids Michigan.
      As I am raeding this away from my house, I do not have the contact info with me.
      If you have not resoled the issue, feel free to send me an e-mail and I’ll dig it up.

  14. I love these. Nice they get so many good reviews. The website right now says they’re expected back Fall 2011, which could be any day. I’ve subscribed to their email list for when they return.

  15. Melissa says:

    T@B name was purchased by Little Guy they are releasing the new models that are available now. for more info. I just bought a 2012 model and pick it up soon. I can’t wait!

  16. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for the post. I have watched T@B for several years. They are a great little trailer but hard to find now! I wanted one because I could park it in my little garage and pull it with my truck. Now I’m trying to get a self-contained RV to live in — small enough to park anywhere, I hope. Then I plan to build a semi-permanent tiny house on wheels. Your blog continues to inspire me over and over. Thanks!

  17. holly says:

    POSTED 2012 T@B is AWESOME. SELLING MINE IN MINNESOTA. MINT serious MN inquiries only email

  18. Roger says:

    Has anyone installed bearing buddy on their T@B?
    I have a 2001, and want to install one. Anyone else installed one? What size should I buy? Thanks

  19. Mary says:

    Does anyone have instructions for installing the awning on a T@B?

    • Richard says:

      It’s easy, just slide the right zippers into the slots. You may need to open the end of the channel to allow it to slide in. Second place the floor on the ground, and face the zippers toward the channel zippers and get under and start zipping.
      Next slide the poles (Push don’t pull, you will see why) in the color coded fabric channels. The bars will bend impressively, and hook on the lower tabs. Now just tighten and stake it down.

  20. pip says:

    Can anyone tell me what porta-potty goes in a 2006 Thor TAB. Purchased my trailer last nite and it did not have one. Thanking you in advance Pip

  21. Carl Loeber says:

    Does anyone know of a trailer like this a little larger .. I saw it the other day on 85 near San Jose .. it had the plastic corner trim like this but not all the way around .. maybe an older model .. but in perfect shape ..

  22. Adam Gustafson says:


    My wife and I are new to owning a T@B Trailer. We purchased a 2007 last night. I was wondering if anyone out there had reccomendations on websites or stores to purchase parts / awnings / tents, etc? Thank you in advance for any help…


  23. Knightsix says:

    I’ve always admired the T@b from the moment they hit the market, and have given serious consideration to having one once retired. However, having just finished watching the uTube ad, with a suggested price range of $16k tp$20K, I feel they are again doomed before they start. My daughter just bought a 27′ travel trailer for $10.9K used that has been in storage, sleeps 8, comes with EVERY amenity including full bath/shower (both inside and outside) and is big enoug to house two T@b’s inside! The market is flooded with these at the moment. Why would anyone pay up to $20K for a T@b? I won’t. Knightsix

  24. Knightsix says:

    Sorry, wanted to mention why would anyone pay twice as much for ‘half’ as much, with the market being flooded with so many (all sizes) travel trailers – new and used? My education is in Business and Management and for the life of me I can’t see this new company succeeding with a marketing plan that appears to be setting up for failure. Knighsix

  25. Tim says:

    I’m selling a 2008 Orange and White one. Hardly used. $12K

  26. Beth Blair says:

    I don’t get how a small vehicle can tow a trailer that is over 1,000 pounds UNloaded. Our Hyundai Sonata (not a V6) says towing capacity PLUS weight inside combined cannot exceed 800 pounds. We wanted to get a pop-up, but can’t even do that because they all weigh too much with our famly’s combined weight and what we would need to pack for trips.

  27. Maya says:

    Hi, We have a T@B trailer – a version from 2007 and I was wondering about towing it with my 2003 Beetle (2.0 l). I read that you felt your beetle was up to the challenge, but I was wondering if it was a manual or automatic and if you could manage hills? What type of hitch did you buy and did you need any adjustment to fit the T@B?

  28. Nick says:

    I have a 2006 T@B Thor. I need a new front window. The curved window that can open. Can anybody help me?

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